Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Banish Sexual Violence to the Past Go Hillary,,20299698,00.html

Secretary of State wrote an op ed for about sexual violence. She was wrapping up a gruelling 11 day visit to Africa. The media here were so worried about her "snapping" at an sexist comment ignoring the real issue of why she went to Congo despite Security risks to this country. She spent time talking to rape victims and Refugees. I guess that wasn't pretty enough for the MSM who would rather have a sound bite then a real story.
Hillary wrote this peice on what she saw in Goma
Hillary said she saw the worst in human kind and also the best in Goma. These women lost their homes due to war and are to afraid to go get wood for fire due to the fear of being raped. This is an outrage in 2009 that women are still being used as weapons of war in this day and age.
Hillary pledged to banish Sexual Violence to the Past where it belongs." I am proud of Hillary and hope she speaks out against rape no matter where it occurs.

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