Thursday, December 31, 2009

Napolitano on the hot seat, again - Jen DiMascio -

Napolitano on the hot seat, again - Jen DiMascio -

Well Well Well looks like another Clinton backstabber is about to resign. Anytime a President says someone's job is secure that person is gone by the weekend.
I hope she enjoys her New Years Eve because she is a total incompetent and keeps making mistake after mistake.
Its time for Napolitano to go since she can't seem to explain what happened last week and how that man got on a plane coming to our country. She isn't interested in keeping us safe in the least.
Happy New Year Obama will say as he pushes her under the bus. Another Clinton hater gone.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

American Thinker: Obama's Image: What a Difference a Year Makes

American Thinker: Obama's Image: What a Difference a Year Makes

This is an excellent article and so damn true. Obama started playing rough before the General Election. Hillary and Bill Clinton were called horrible names by this idiot.
First of all what the Republicans don't know but better find out quickly is that BHO will steal an election HE DID NOT WIN THE PRIMARY he stole it that is why he only won the caucus states. He bussed people in from Chigico to help steal several states.
Conservatives need to ask themselves why so many liberals voted for McCain in 2008 they felt that McCain was far to conservative for them but they not only voted for McCain they campaigned for him. It was because McCain was and is an honorable man. Barack is a crook and a thief.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Raising Teenage Daughters in the Age of Provative Dress and Sexism

I am raising a 14 year old daughter who is one of the sweetest, kindest kids on the planet. She will ask me sometimes if its ok if she wears a skirt that is to short for her or jeans that are to tight. I tell her no that she is a young teenager and those clothes are unacceptable. Some people say I am restricting her freedom because I refuse to allow her to dress like an adult woman. She is not an adult she is 14. I have lots of help because my daughter has two older sisters and three older brothers plus a load of cousins who also tell her "NO"
Does this upset my daughter? Not really I think she likes when I tell her "NO" because it sets limits and also gives her an excuse if she doesn't want to dress a certain way but peer pressure is very strong. She can then make me out to be the bad guy. I think that is the way it is with most teenagers. They may fight and agrue but they know in the end that you have their best interests at heart. They also will never remember the times you told them "NO" but they will thank you for setting boundries.
Television is another issue. I am amazed at how many shows on TV are either racist or sexist or both. I have one rule and that is Nothing racist or sexist on tv. I am not talking about movies like "To Kill a Mockingbird" or movies that address either sexism or racism but movies and cartoons that use sexism or racism for entertainment. I don't mind my daughter watching Avatior because it has strong female characters.
Avaitor has several strong female main characters that are not filled with sexual stereotypes. I love Kataria the main female character who is a water bender. She is respected by all the characters on the show and she is a positive character for little girls to emulate.
My daughter is more likely to gripe about TV then she is about clothes and frankly I believe the images that TV portrays are worse for her in the long run then the clothes that seek to grow our daughters up before their time.
Its time for Television to remember that half the audience is females and we are the largest buyers. We are the shoppers and we need to make sure that advertisors know we will no longer accept their sexism on TV.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Health promises vs. reality - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Health promises vs. reality - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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Obama is lying about health care which should be of no surprise to anyone. I remember Oblahblah making fun of Hillary's plan but he will hit you with a huge fine and you won't be able to keep the health care you have.
Americans do not need Universal Health care if they are going to make it illegeal. I am sorry but you can't compare this to car insurrance not everyone drives but everyone has health.
I am calling on people to oppose this health care plan.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Election 2010: Rage, not race -

Election 2010: Rage, not race -

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good article and true. People are sick of the same ole same ole regardless of which party is in power. Its like our politicians don't listen to us anymore.
We are supposed to be in charge of the government but it seems like sometimes the government is in charge of us.
Its time for the silent majority to become Independent voters and make decisions.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seems Like Someone Hacked into My Blog

Someone out there in cyberworld decided to hack into my little blog here? I have a couple of suspecions about who the guilty person or persons responsible. I hope you really wake up and get a life. The only people who hack into people's blogs or their websites are people who have such lonely pathic lives that in order to be happy they have to hack people's blogs or forums or websites for businesses. My advise to you is get out of your parents basement and get a life.
Step away from the computer and into your brand new life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hate Speech & History - Real Clear Politics –

Hate Speech & History - Real Clear Politics –

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I am glad to see more people speaking up about the inappropriate use of the race card and the left wing's obsession about Obama's skin color.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why Is the Media Ignoring the Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Hillary Clinton? - Politics - Blogcritics

Why Is the Media Ignoring the Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Hillary Clinton? - Politics - Blogcritics

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This blog article addresses the rumor that Hillary is running for governor of NY and the al queda plot to kill Hillary I hope that Hillary is safe but I want to know why the media ignores this. I understand why the gov doesn;'t want this out but what about the press?
Hillary has 18 million people who want her safe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pretending in Afghanistan

Pretending in Afghanistan

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Seems like Afghanistan is going to give Obama big problems. There is more violence over there now then there was in the entire seven years we have been there.
Obama used Afghanistan so that he wouldn't look weak on National Security.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Obama Says vs. What He Does

What Obama Says vs. What He Does

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Obama has a habit of saying one thing and then doing another. He also has this habit of trying to get things like Health Care Reform passed quickly but the laws don't go into effect until after he is out of office. Sounds like a bad law to me. Sounds like he doesn't want to be blamed for a bad law.
Obama is going to try to get something passed if he can.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Raising the stakes in Honduras

Raising the stakes in Honduras

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I am glad that America is standing tough. I don't know what to think of this story but I wonder if Obama will call what happened in Honduras a Military coup.
They are cutting off all Non Humanitarian aid to Honduras.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama, The Mortal

Obama, The Mortal

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Looks like Obama's wings have broken and he has fallen to earth. People are sick of him they are sick of him spending all sorts of money on programs this Country can afford. He has stayed to the left despite promises to work with the Republicans he and the democrats have blocked the Republicans.

Critics Decry Obama's 'Indoctrination' Plan for Students - Political News -

Critics Decry Obama's 'Indoctrination' Plan for Students - Political News -

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Critics Decry Obama's 'Indoctrination' Plan for Students - Political News -

Critics Decry Obama's 'Indoctrination' Plan for Students - Political News -

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Right blasts Obama speech to students - Nia-Malika Henderson -

Right blasts Obama speech to students - Nia-Malika Henderson -

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I am in shock that this man wants to actually indoctrinate our children. This ego manical man needs to sit his unpopular butt down and either improve his relationships with adults or just be quiet for the next several years.
No one likes you anymore Obama so just take your no account ass and sit down. Stop trying to brainwash the children.

Friday, September 4, 2009

US Axes Gaurds for Lewd Behavior. Hillary Puts her Foot Down.

The guards in the embassy of Kabal have been partying and playing with Prostutes as well as humiliating people. These fools peed on people and also drank vodka out of butt cracks. This kind of disquesting behavior prompted a group to send Secretary Clinton a dossier about misbehavior of the embassy guards.
I am glad that Hillary is cracking down on these idiots.
Perhaps we should just use the military.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

School speech backlash builds - Nia-Malika Henderson -

School speech backlash builds - Nia-Malika Henderson -

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I just don't want the President to try to indoctronate the children not everyone in America agrees with the President.
Its best that children be kept out of politics.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can Dems Rescue ObamaCare?

Can Dems Rescue ObamaCare?

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I think this article may be true. I also have a feeling that the Democrats are going to cut their losses and run as far away from Health care as possible because its very unpopular and likely to result in major loses in the Congress.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

White House power grabs - Washington Times

White House power grabs - Washington Times

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I am so ticked off that this idiot is looking into charging the CIA. I don't think the CIA went far enough. I don't see anything wrong with this punk azz torture procedure waterboarding. Oh cry me a river please I have seen worse torture in the hood. Perhaps if the bleeding heart liberals ever took the time to visit the slums of the USA perhaps they wouldn't think waterboarding is so tough. Yes it scares the crap out of you but I am sure the people who died in the stairwells or in a plane on 9/11 were afraid too only they didn't get a chance to get over that fear.
These terriorists are scum and not worthy of humane treatment. Its time the USA forget about being part of the world that condones such behavior.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teddy Kennedy Passed Away today at age 77.

I am not a fan of Senator Teddy Kennedy. I thought that he was a very mean man when he called Hillary Clinton a racist. I will never forgive him or the other dirt balls like Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver.
My heart does go out to this family for their loss but frankly I prefer to mourn for someone that didn't kill a young girl and then run away from the scene of the crime. I prefer not to mourn for someone who treats women like they are meat. I prefer not to mourn for someone who insults a former first lady on the floor of the Senate when Stevie Wonder could see that it was Barack who played the race card.
I am sorry but I will never forgive him for what he did to Hillary and Bill.
I used to say nice things about someone who died but after Michael Jackson was insulted so bad I say why should I be nice Teddy wasn't nice when he called Hillary a racist and he wasn't nice when he ran away from the scene of an accident killing Mary Jo and he wasn't nice when he caused a scene at the 1980 Democratic Convention which gave us Ronald Reagan.
Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. I respect Hillary for speaking nicely because if that old fat drunk would have called me a racist he would have been picking up his teeth. I know I am ghetto but frankly I am sick of hearing what a good man he was. He stood up for everyone well he didn't stand up for Hillary when it was her who was discriminated against and he didn't stand up for Mary Jo.

Debate Shows How Little Obama Understands

Debate Shows How Little Obama Understands

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Obama doesn't understand that free market creates competition.
I am not sold on this idea either since the Prices are still way to high. There are plus and minuses on both sides.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Blue Dog's lament: 'People are scared' - Jonathan Martin -

A Blue Dog's lament: 'People are scared' - Jonathan Martin -

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The Blue Dogs are in a do or die situation here if they vote with the administration they risk their seats. I think in the end the Blue Dogs are going to end up voting against the Democrats on Health Care and other issues.
The Democrats can't primary someone if the Blue Dogs stick together.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Pics of Hillary Clinton

Here are some more Pics of Hillary in Africa and in Asia

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Banish Sexual Violence to the Past Go Hillary,,20299698,00.html

Secretary of State wrote an op ed for about sexual violence. She was wrapping up a gruelling 11 day visit to Africa. The media here were so worried about her "snapping" at an sexist comment ignoring the real issue of why she went to Congo despite Security risks to this country. She spent time talking to rape victims and Refugees. I guess that wasn't pretty enough for the MSM who would rather have a sound bite then a real story.
Hillary wrote this peice on what she saw in Goma
Hillary said she saw the worst in human kind and also the best in Goma. These women lost their homes due to war and are to afraid to go get wood for fire due to the fear of being raped. This is an outrage in 2009 that women are still being used as weapons of war in this day and age.
Hillary pledged to banish Sexual Violence to the Past where it belongs." I am proud of Hillary and hope she speaks out against rape no matter where it occurs.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pics of Hillary's trip to Africa

Rude protests are American tradition | | The Detroit News

Rude protests are American tradition | | The Detroit News

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Pelosi and Reid need to check out the Constitution its actually very American to loudly Protest. Its unAmerican for Politicans to call Americans UnAmerican for protesting. Perhaps people need to pick up a History book

Newt Gingrich's advice for a Sarah Palin comeback - Jeanne Cummings -

Newt Gingrich's advice for a Sarah Palin comeback - Jeanne Cummings -

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Good advice from Newt to Sarah. I wonder if she will take it now or will she wait to run, I hope she runs when she is ready because its going to be tough for her like it was for Hillary but she already knows that.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When Liberal Leaders Confront a Centrist Nation

When Liberal Leaders Confront a Centrist Nation

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This article breaks down how the majority of the people in this country vote. There are more Conservatives then Republicans and more Democrats then liberals.
This is why so many Democrats are having problems at the health care town halls because they don't like the Democrats plans. The Liberals are going to have to understand that the American people do not want all these tax and spend programs which is how the Democrats lost power in 1994 and which is why they will lose power in 2010. They never learn. The Republicans lost power in 2006 because they were also spending money like crazy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rubes of Engagement

The Rubes of Engagement

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Federal courthouse to close for G-20 meetings - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Federal courthouse to close for G-20 meetings - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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This is a local story for me. I plan to cover this for the blogs and for the forum.

Anatomy of an Outburst: Why Did Hillary Clinton Get Angry in Africa? - ABC News

Anatomy of an Outburst: Why Did Hillary Clinton Get Angry in Africa? - ABC News

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I liked this article. It was fair. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with the Clinton marriage. Hillary snapped because the question was sexist.
Hillary endured months of brutal sexism last year and she just got to the end of her very long rope.
I am not sorry she spoke out and defended herself. I am proud of the stand she took.
Perhaps the media can explain why it ignores the real story here all those women who are raped in wars every day over in Congo. Perhaps the media could cover that instead of this foolish story.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hugh Hewitt: Desperate Democrats need new game plan | Hugh Hewitt | Washington Examiner

Hugh Hewitt: Desperate Democrats need new game plan | Hugh Hewitt | Washington Examiner

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The Democrats need to get a grip or their time back in office as a Majority will be real short. Obama is going to end up out of a job in four years thanks to the Health Care fiasco.

Video of Hillary in South Africa

Hillary talking about the problems facing South Africa

Saturday, August 8, 2009

White House to Democrats: 'Punch back twice as hard' - Carrie Budoff Brown -

White House to Democrats: 'Punch back twice as hard' - Carrie Budoff Brown -

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This is happening all over the Country. There are several stories and youtube videos showing people running these events shouting down people are calling them nazis. Our Congressmen and women are calling the police on private citizens for expressing their opinion to their elected official.
This is an outrage and very similar to the attacks on Obama's openants like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.
Americans are waking up and in 2010 the Democrats are going to find themselves crying.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is Obama Really Like the Joker?

Is Obama Really Like the Joker?

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Obama supporters are playing the race card again. Really they should leave that to people who really know what racism is?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Well Done Mr. Jackson

On Thursday I was in the middle of cleaning my house when my daughter in law came in to tell me that Michael Jackson was dead. I was so stunned that I didn't believe her. Once I realised that this was true I was heart broken.
Michael Jackson who I grew up with as he went from being the lead singer of the Jackson five to being the biggest star in the history of music.
I was in high school when MTV came on the air. They refused to play black videos because they said "black people" can't sell music. I never watched MTV because of that. Three years later MTV would change that policy because a man by the name of Michael Joesph Jackson dropped a video called Billie Jean. That is the first video by any black person on MTV.
Michael became bigger then anyone I knew thought possible. People loved him.
Michael Jackson will always be remembered.
To the Haters out there saying that he is pushing Iran off the front pages I say this. He deserves every accolade. NO ONE said anything when the world went nuts after Elvis died or John Lennon of the Beatles. Michael Jackson was bigger them both. I wonder why they are choosing to say this now?
Michael Jackson deserves the memorials he is getting so haters go to hell.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Iran Erupts in Protest all. Police Crackdown and Obama Plays Games

There is a Revolution going on in Iran but instead of doing his job President Obama decides to ignore the biggest uprising since the 1979 Revolution. The Revolutionary Guard is killing people and using water cannons and tear gas to try to quell the Protests.
Our President for some odd reason decides he will not say anything. He gives this really stupid answer that the Iranians are going to blame us. NOTE to Obama they are going to blame us no matter if you speak out or not. He has only recently began to say something. I guess his drop in the polls are the reason for this.
Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton asked Twitter to remain online instead of closing down for scheduled routine maintenance.
The President of the United States on Saturday the day of the biggest protests and the most violence by the Government of Iran Barack Obama was hosting Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk. I like Tony Hawk but instead of allowing Tony Hawk to skateboard through the White House I would preferred for my President to have spoken up about Iran instead we got Silence.
When he did speak up it was to weak. Mr President pull your head out of your azz and start acting like the President of the United States and not a member of a fraternity.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its Time to Fire David Letterman. His Sexist Attack on an 14 Year Old Daughter of Former VP Candidate.

David Letterman needs to be fired because it is time that the media is put on notice that sexism will no longer sell. David Letterman made crude remarks about Governor Sarah palin and her 14 year old daughter. It was 14 year old Willow Palin that attended the Mets game with her parents. David's claim that his joke was aimed at 18year old Bristol Palin and not Willow did not explain his actions nor excuse them.
David Letterman also said Sarah Palin looked like a slutty flight attendants. He also referred to the Governor as a crack w***e. I find myself disgusted by his remarks. This kind of talk from comedians needs to stop now.
I remember the the days when making black jokes was acceptable until people decided that it was to offensive and protested against this kind of joke and people started losing their jobs because they made jokes like this. Don Imus lost his job for a little while and now he watches what he says. David Letterman is no different then Don Imus perhaps some time off without pay would change David Letterman's perspective.
Keith O the number two sexist pig in media and the enemy to women everywhere supports David Letterman and he should also lose his job because he is also sexist. He lost the anchor chair but that isn't enough he needs to lose his income. I don't know why the pig is on Sunday Night Football but hopefully NBC will see the folly of his way. His network partner and Number one sexist Pig Chris Matthews would have probably excused Letterman's statement but he is to busy recovering from the smack down Hillary supporters gave him when they ruined his shot at becoming Senator from the State of PA. Hillary Supporters would have killed any shot he had of winning and he knew it. I guess the Hillary Supporters left him with a pain in the leg instead of the tingles he got from Obama.
NOW did put Letterman in its hall of shame but they were to slow to comment and didn't seem to do so until women complained. NOW doesn't like to defend Pro Life women and Republican women. I guess Pro Life women and Republican women are not real women according to NOW. Perhaps NOW understands now that we are sick of Pro Life and Republican women being abused and greeted with silence by NOW.
The Conservative Press, Team Sarah, The New Agenda, PUMA, and Hillarysvillage supported Governor Palin and her family and they also are organizing a boycott in New York City on Monday, June 15,2009 at 4:00 PM.
Women need to stand up against sexism each and every time it is used against women.

David then releases an apology and said he was really attacking 18 year old Bristol Palin who has a baby. First of all Bristol Palin is not the only teenager in America who got Pregnant yet people think its OK to insult her. She is taking care of that baby and she graduated from high school with a baby. That isn't easy.
David Letterman needs to be fired because he failed to understand what he did. He fails to understand that calling a woman a slut is never acceptable nor is it funny. He then insulted an entire industry the flight attendants but to David its OK to make that kind of statement because they are only women.
Women and girls are facing major problems all over the world. My daughter who is 14 and not any where close to being fat got a letter in the mail with her report card that said she was at risk for being obese. This kind of thinking is hurting our girls and women.
Barack Obama and the Main Stream Media also known as the liberal press made it acceptable to insult women. Together the fraud and the pigs in the media set out to destroy the reputation of a former First Lady. Barack Obama has made the most sexist remarks I have ever heard during both the Primary and the General Election. Barack has discovered that he can be destroyed by women which is why he did not look at male candidates for the Supreme Court. He will also replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a woman because if he wants any chance of reelection he is going to need women.
Keith Obermann another huge sexist pig is defending David Letterman. I guess they are in the sexist pig club. Keith's partner in crime and Number one pig in the universe Chris Matthews will probably weigh in with the David is innocent but he is still reeling from the slap Hillary Supporters gave him forcing him to give up his dream of becoming the Senator from my State. He has spent the past few months kissing up to Secretary Clinton but I do not believe him.
David Letterman needs to be fired and so does Keith O and Chris Matthews.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today I Celebrate My Daughter on Her 18th Birthday.

Today my 2ND oldest daughter and my fifth child turns 18 years old. I remember that very hot Mother's Day, May 12, 1991. Haley was born at 6:41 PM after a day spent in labor. It was the day before I, myself, turned 27. She looked like a little Papoose. This was the first time I had a full term baby by C-Section so I had no idea that a new born could have such a round apple head. She was born with a head full of hair. I checked her earlobe to check out what color she was going to be. I counted her fingers and toes and wondered about what her life would be like.
Haley never had what my other kids had. Haley never had a father he decided that he didn't want to be a part of her life then he passed away when she was three. My best friend and I were her parents basically.
Haley was a tender headed and tenderhearted child. She also has this tenderness with animals. Haley was always bringing home stray dogs and cats. She has nursed newborn kittens orphaned by females until another female was found.
Haley has gotten into trouble as well she is a girl from the hood and sometimes she followed behind people she shouldn't have but she has learned from her mistakes. I am proud of Haley and now with a touch of sadness and a whole lot of pride I turn my precious baby girl over to the world hoping that she remembers all that I tried to teach her.
I love you baby girl.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hillary Meets With Prime Minster of Haiti

PRESIDENT PREVAL: It is with great joy that I receive the Secretary of State of the United States today, a personal friend that I have also had the privilege of knowing, senator as well as presidential candidate in the last presidential elections.

So this is your third visit. I find, if I understand correctly, you were here once upon a time as a younger woman and have been here again not too long ago. And this would be your third visit, and I welcome you again for the third time.

The Haitian people are aware of the interest you have always paid to their nation and are very thankful to you for that fact. So I would like to thank you in their name for your continued commitment to our nation. So it is with the sentiment of great gratitude that I offer you the microphone this morning to address this nation of 9 million people who are very eager to hear from you today.

SECRETARY CLINTON: I thank you so much, President Preval, for your kind introduction and your hospitality today. It is a pleasure to be back in Haiti. As the president said, this country holds a special place in my heart. I first came here as a newlywed with my husband, Bill, and we spent a wonderful time here exploring the country and meeting many Haitians who shared their homes and their experiences with us.

In fact, we bought some Haitian art, five paintings that have traveled with us in every house we have lived in, including the White House. And I was honored to come back as First Lady after the restoration of democracy in Haiti, and then I was deeply privileged to be the senator from New York, which has a large and thriving Haitian American community.

And I’m delighted to be here as Secretary of State on behalf of President Obama and myself at this critical moment in the history of our nations, our hemisphere, and the world. I also want to acknowledge a number of the dignitaries seated behind the president and thank them for being here with me.

Haiti and the United States share a history of friendship that dates back to the beginning of our nation. In fact, Haiti’s revolt against slavery was an inspiration to people in our own country until we finally also ended slavery. Today, we are connected by many ties, from economic to social and cultural, to the many people we share in common – proud Haitians who live in the United States, many who travel back and forth to this beautiful country and who contribute so much to each of us.

I represented the United States at the donors conference for Haiti, where I made a presentation along with Prime Minister Pierre-Louis. We then met together to talk more specifically about how the Obama Administration will work to support the president, the prime minister, and the Government of Haiti, but more importantly, how we will support the people of Haiti.

We are aware of the extensive damage caused by the four hurricanes last year which interrupted the significant progress that Haiti had been making. And so at the donors conference we looked carefully at the economic recovery strategy put forth by the Government of Haiti and pledged our support.

I announced that the United States will provide $287 million in aid this year, consistent with the priorities outlined by the Haitian Government. We will be funding the creation of jobs to build infrastructure, particularly roads, which we know also must be maintained. And we want to work with the Government of Haiti to come up with a plan to be able to do that.

We will make a significant contribution toward the retirement of Haiti’s debt, which will free up money that Haiti can use on pressing needs for the people of Haiti. We also will provide assistance to the Haitian police, who have been performing so well against the additional challenge posed by the drug traffickers. We wish to support food security and sustainable agriculture. We know Haiti used to be self-sufficient in agriculture, and we want to help Haiti achieve that status again.

I know that there will be an important election in Haiti on Sunday, and I saw many of the campaign posters as I drove in from the airport. I want the people of Haiti to know that the United States’ commitment is to you. We need a good partner, as we have with your president and your prime minister, and we want a plan that will continue moving forward no matter who is elected.

When we start to build roads, we must finish the roads. When we start to help farmers once again make their land rich and cultivatable, we want to be sure they harvest their crops. And when we equip the police force to fight the drug traffickers, we want to work with you so that Haiti can be free of outside influence and intimidation. Because our commitment is to the people of Haiti. The president and I had an excellent conversation, reiterating what is his great hope, that he will see progress begun and finished to give the future back to the people of Haiti.

I know that there’s an old Haitian proverb, Mr. President: Beyond the mountains, there are mountains. Now, some might say, well, that means you never get over the mountains. But what it says to me is you make the journey, and then you see new challenges; you get better and stronger every day. And that is our hope for the people of this wonderful nation.

Thank you very much.

Mrs. Secretary of State and distinguished guests who have accompanied her today, allow me to borrow a phrase of someone who has been coming to Haiti for a very long time, 30 years now, who said that when I look at Haiti I see a glimmer of hope for this nation. Allow me to tell you why this makes clear to us the foundation of what it is that we’re trying to do, this quote from Mr. Bill Clinton. In other words, how did we get here and how – what sacrifices must we make to not lose the things that we’ve accomplished so far?

These results are as a direct result of the continuous dialogue in political arenas and with civil society. After the 2006 elections, I extended my hand to the political parties that were there at that time, and I would like to take this opportunity to do so again with Mr. Victor Benoit, Mr. Paul –

And I would like to take this opportunity here today to publicly thank them and their institutions for the progress and the advancements that they’ve made with their hard work. This political stability has allowed us to attack the problem of insecurity that we face, firstly with armed gangs and then by kidnappings. This success was thanks to the national police force, strongly supported by the United Nations missions here in Haiti.

I would like to publicly congratulate the chief of police, who is here with us today. I am confident to say that today the country can move forward without this threat of armed gangs. So the security having been assured, we can have the stability that is necessary to now move forward with our senatorial elections, which will further ensure the stability that we seek. Mr. Frantz Verret, the president of the electoral council – provisional electoral council, and the members of his team, I would like to thank you and congratulate you as well.

However, Mrs. Secretary of State, despite these advancements that we have made, the stability is still fragile and needs reinforcement. One of the threats to this stability is drug trafficking, which is an enemy of the rule of law, an enemy against the functioning of democratic institutions. As you mentioned in Mexico, Madame Secretary, the demand for drugs in countries such as the United States and Europe is a large concern and factor with these drug dealers. You mentioned this in your statement earlier, and I’m very happy to see that we’re on the same page on this subject. Haiti has reiterated in political arenas its concern that the drug trafficking can negatively impact the rule of law and stability in our country. We await determined and efficient assistance to be able to combat this problem – another issue that is fragilizing the living conditions and the security of the population.

We recognize the importance of the international community in our country. We thank them for the technical and financial assistance they have brought us, especially over the last year. So this assistance, both technical and financial, along with the work that our government is doing, has enabled us to combat inflation by 40 percent, bringing it down to 8.4 percent.

Also, our gross domestic product, which was 3.4 percent, went to, in 2007, to 2.4 percent. And this progress was interrupted in 2008, as you mentioned, by the sharp increase in diesel fuel prices and food on a world scale, and again, of course, by four hurricanes that came through Haiti. The World Bank estimates that more than $1 billion worth of damage was caused by these hurricanes.

Haiti must continue to rely on this foreign aid which constitutes 60 percent of our current budget. This percentage must be gradually decreased as Haiti becomes more able to supplement its own income.

This can only be done with concerted efforts to increase our revenue. This must take place through modernizing our institutions to strengthen the judicial apparatus. We must also encourage private investment and make people willing and trustworthy in order that they may invest here to allow us to increase our revenue. We must improve competitivity by reducing the fees imposed at the Customs Office, by making our collecting of electrical bills more efficient.

And all of this can only be done with the participation of civil society. This is why, aside from the political dialogue, we’ve also initiated dialogue with civil society by setting up working groups. These organizations – these working groups are set up with members of civil society, with professionals, with private investors, and so forth, syndicates, professionals.

As you said in your expression “behind mountains there are mountains,” we must ensure that those of them that are with us while going over the first set of mountains will be there to go with us over the next, and the next, and so on.

We set up about seven working groups, the first of which is on education, and the rector of the university that heads up this working group is here with us today. The group on
increasing competitivity in Haiti, this group is led by Mrs. Gladys Coupet. We have Mr. (inaudible), who is heading up the IT and communications working group. Mr. Micha Gallard is heading up the one on justice. Professor Claude Moise is heading up the working group that is going to review the constitution of 1987 so that it functions more properly and allows us to do the work that we need to do.

Haiti just celebrated the bicentennial of its independence. There is also a group that has been set up to commemorate this bicentennial and so that we don’t forget all of the wonderful things that happened in our history. And Patrick Elie is heading up a reflection group on the insecurity issues that we face here in Haiti.

Why do we have these commissions and what is their purpose? My friend, Jumat, who is a journalist, was asking these very same questions not long ago: Is this just another way of deferring decisions that need to be made? My answer is simple: These working groups are a method for deepening dialogue. There are a means to reflect on themes, to reflect beyond the day-to-day and emergencies. So these working groups will allow us to share. These working groups which are comprised of private sector, public sector, industries, syndicates, professionals, they will allow us to share ideas and figure out how, over the next 10, 15, 20 years, we can move forward to accomplish our goals.

Dialogue is inevitable and essential for us to be able to move forward. It is required that we learn to live together. The United Nations Security Council, the various and sundry groups that we have around the world, the European Union – these are all forums for dialogue that will allow us to move forward. These are consultation venues that will allow us to avoid repeat mistakes.

I will be joining you in Trinidad and Tobago for the Summit of the Americas that will bring together 34 heads of state of the continent. What are we going to do? It’s dialogue, again. The United States recognizes this need for dialogue to arrive at sustainable development and advancement.

We take this opportunity to thank the American Government, the new leadership of, in particular, President Obama and his understanding of how things must be in order for us to move forward.

We hope that in the next Summit of the Americas, Cuba will be with us as well, because this dialogue, this complete and total dialogue, must involve everyone in order for it to be successful. The dialogue of peace is essential for the world.

We would like to thank the United States Government and the American Administration for their role as leaders in this dialogue that is so necessary for the establishment of peace. Welcome, and thank you once again.

QUESTION: Hello, I am (inaudible). I’m working for Reuters. You know, Mrs. Clinton, a lot of Haitians are living in illegal situation in the United States. And those Haitians are helping so many Haitians back home here in Haiti. Many people in Haiti, including in parts of the country that were most hit by the succession of hurricanes, they rely only on those people to live, to have something to live on to survive. So what the Obama Administration and what yourself intend to do to make sure that the Haitians, the undocumented Haitians over there, could find the TPS, the temporary protected status?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you. I’m well aware of how many Haitians have relatives in the United States who are working there now and providing substantial financial help, particularly because of the hurricanes. We are looking carefully at the policy which we inherited, and we are going to be considering how best to help the people who are here continue to have those resources. But at the same time, we don’t want to encourage other Haitians to make the dangerous journey across the water.

So if we do make any changes in TPS status, it will go back to the beginning of the Obama Administration. So people who were there before President Obama became president would be eligible, people who came after would not be. But we haven’t made a final decision. But we are looking at it very carefully for exactly the reasons, sir, that you described.

PRESIDENT PREVAL: (Via interpreter) I was very encouraged to learn that people at this conference were very much aware of the will of the Haitian people to move forward, not just at the executive level, but also at the level of civil society, public society, peasant groups, syndicates, and so forth. The conference was set up by the various donors, and together we came up with a plan for the financing. I await the details of how this assistance will be presented, but I am sure that it will be instrumental in our moving forward.

The Government of Haiti, the executive branch, and the parliament, in particular, must continue to show their commitment towards working together to accomplish these goals that we’ve set for ourselves.

So I would like to say again what I had said earlier in my previous statement, that it’s not acceptable for Haiti to continue to need to depend on this 60 percent of financial assistance. We must endeavor to increase our own revenue. And I think that is even more important than how the donors conference went.

Second question?

QUESTION: Mark Landler from The New York Times. A question for both Madame Secretary and the president: In a speech in Washington two days ago, I think you said, Madame Secretary, this is a – this small nation of 9 million is on a brink. With the hurricane having wiped out 15 percent of GDP, killed 800 people, and with a donors conference that raised a considerable amount of money but well short of the billion dollars some experts say is needed in totality, are you worried that we’re at a moment where we could have a real backsliding and lose the gains that the country has made? How grave do you think the situation is?

And, Mr. President, if I could just ask one follow up to what you said about Cuba attending the next Summit of the Americas. I wonder whether you would react to the Obama Administration’s announcements earlier this week about the relaxation of travel restrictions and remittances. Some people have said that they were really baby steps and not enough. Would you like to see more? Were you very encouraged by what you did see?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I was very encouraged by the result of the donors conference. I think it was a resounding show of international support for Haiti. I believe that we have work to do, both to demonstrate that, as partners, we can produce the results that the people of Haiti are expecting, and then increase the amount of support that will come once we have demonstrated the results.

My view about where we are today is that Haiti deserves our help. Haiti was on the right track, making progress that everyone remarked on. We have no control over the weather. Four hurricanes in one year was devastating. It would have been to any country. But it knocked Haiti off track, and we have to help Haiti get back on track.

Now, this is not so much about the United States or about any donor. It is about the Haitian people, which is why there must be a commitment no matter who wins elections, no matter whether political society or civil society, everyone is committed to making sure that the money we are investing produces results for the people of Haiti. That’s what this is about for President Obama and for me and for our country. But we were encouraged by the results of the conference, and now, we want to get to work.

PRESIDENT PREVAL: (Via interpreter) Cuba is a friend of Haiti, even though we have different political systems. Cuba has helped us, especially in the arena of medicine. We have about 600 students studying medicine in Cuba and an equivalent number of doctors here in Haiti practicing.

We spoke a lot about dialogue at this conference, and President Obama also spoke of dialogue and openness. I think that dialogue is the path that leads to good cooperation. We would not like to presume to dictate the policies to the United States. We have a wish, and that wish is also the wish at the heart of the United Nations, and that is that the embargo against Cuba be lifted so that they may be permitted to participate in this dialogue that is so important.

QUESTION: (Via interpreter) So the Secretary of State is here with the interest of stability and ensuring security. Okay. So three days from the election, of course, there are people that are manifesting and making noises and parliamentarians as well who are expressing their thoughts. And there are also parliamentarians that feel that the financial aid was not done in a clear and transparent manner. They are threatening not to validate these senators should they be elected. So the population at large is expressing – has expressed worry about this situation.

So what guarantee can you give to the Haitian population that these elections on Sunday will be honest and open and that there will not be any violence?

PRESIDENT PREVAL: (Via interpreter) Elections are the means to establish democracy and ensure the continuity of this democracy beyond the elections. Each person has his role in this game. The political parties present themselves to the people to have their votes, and they are not obliged to do so. People are called upon to vote, and they are not obliged to do that either. Of course, we hope that many people will vote.

The electoral council is the independent entity that organizes these elections. And security is provided by the national police force. We hope that all measures will be taken so that these elections can be carried out without incident. So – and we hope that the senators, once elected, will fulfill their mandates and complete this integral part of our government that is the parliament.

Article 125 is the obligation of the state to financially support these political parties in the election. These candidates are also free to obtain financial assistance from individuals, from private parties. Yesterday, we brought up this issue of Article 125 with the political parties. This question was raised late in the game, even though it is the responsibility of the executive branch to answer this type of question. It’s already Thursday, a couple of days before the elections. So we’re going to see what we can do as a government in the absence of the minister of justice, who is not here, and of the prime minister as well, to work towards ensuring that these events take place without incident.

Your question has an undercurrent to it because you spoke of a poor distribution of investment. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure that the government is neutral in the context of these elections.

As you know, the delegates and the vice delegates play an important role in the carrying out of these elections. We have taken the additional precaution of leaving all the delegates and vice delegates in place. If it so happens that any of these people, delegates and vice delegates, who were also, by the way, present during the interim government, if it becomes obvious that any of them are misusing any of these funds in favor of their party, it is the responsibility of anyone who is aware of such actions to make this known to the provisional electoral council.

And finally, President Preval, you answered most of my questions on Cuba, but you did mention – you called for a lifting of the embargo. But would you expect Cuba to take some steps, specific steps before the U.S. does that?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I think it is very significant that within the first 100 days of his presidency, President Obama has relaxed the regulations concerning family remittances and travel, as well as expanding telecommunications investment opportunity between the United States and Cuba. I agree with the overall emphasis on moving toward dialogue and openness throughout our hemisphere.

We stand ready to discuss with Cuba additional steps that could be taken. I think that’s very clear from President Obama and my statements and actions during the last several months. But we do expect Cuba to reciprocate. President Preval just gave a very thorough explanation of the election process here in Haiti. People are out running for office because they choose to, not because they have to. People vote because they choose to, not because they are required to. That is a democracy, and it is vibrant and very important. We would like to see Cuba open up its society, release political prisoners, open up to outside opinions and media, have the kind of society that we all know would improve the opportunities for the Cuban people and for their nation.

So I think it is fair to say, as the President said himself yesterday, I believe, that we would like to see some reciprocal recognition by the Cuban Government for us to continue to engage in this dialogue and take further steps.

PRESIDENT PREVAL: (Via interpreter) I enthusiastically salute the endeavors of President Obama towards Cuba. And I am not here to dictate to the United States by what criteria they wish to carry out their dialogue with Cuba. Everybody knows that this embargo that has lasted more than half of a century has not done anything to advance things. The Cuban diaspora has shown its will, its desire for this dialogue to be open and free with Cuba. Members of the American Government have gone to Cuba to begin this process of opening up dialogue with Cuba. Many international resolutions have been taken asking for the lifting of this embargo. My conviction is that more openness would enable more dialogue, regardless of the political regimes involved.

PRESIDENT PREVAL: (Via interpreter) I think that, once again, I would like to reiterate that I am not here to dictate any form of policies to the United States Government, but I would like to say again that I believe that dialogue will be easier and more free if we are open to it and if we allow it to occur – not just with Cuba, but for the – several other countries in the world, as is already the case.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Down for the Hood.

Barack Obama has been President for 2 1/2 months now so how has this changed things for the hood.
I have to admit I always thought that Life under a black President would be different. I had hope that once a black man took that oath of office that things would change. I had hopes that the hood would somehow heal itself.
We are still seen as thugs and gang bangers. People think its ok that we were stranded on roofs of buildings in New Orleans. People think we are unemployed welfare recipients and therefore bums. Then we are violent gang banger thugs. Thugs who don't deserve respect. I don't think that is about race anymore. Middle class people of both race are similar. Whites tend to feel guilty and African Americans are embarrassed neither emotion is fair to the people who live in these neighborhoods.
I had hope that one change was people caring about what is going on in the hood. Do Americans know the truth about what is going on in the hood? Do they know or do they care about the people who live in these neighborhoods.
Everyday people in my neighborhood hear gunshots. It is so common here that we can tell you the make of the weapon. Yet in the outside world people ignore what is happening in the hood either out of embarrassment or out of fear of being called racist. No one speaks up about this. The media ignores this and tends to blame the victims. I live in a war zone complete with houses destroyed in this war yet we are not an issue for Americans never mind the rest of the World.
The only media that is talking about what is going on in the hood is rap music. Everyone talks about the sexism in rap and I agree but to just dismiss rappers although there are a lot of rappers who are NOT anti woman like Nas.
During the PA Primary between Hillary and Barack a man from the hood was walking down the street and was killed. He fell on the Obama sign and died. The sign was full of bullet holes and was streaked with blood. There was a chalk outline right by the sign and a police yellow line had the sign blocked off.
The next day the Obama campaign was canvassing my neighborhood and this middle class well dressed African American woman saw the sign and was upset. She had the nerve to ask me what happened to the Obama sign? I got ghetto and said "Forget the sign what about the brother that was killed." I know she could see the chalk outline and the blood and the yellow tape but she didn't care about the man who died she worried about the Obama sign. This kind of disrespectful behavior happens all the time with both races.
No one pays any attention to the fact that there is only one hood and it doesn't matter what state you go to there is a hood. The hood is not black its not white its not Asian, its not Muslim, its not Christian, its not Jewish, the hood includes everyone. We are "the hood" USA. We have a high rate of violence here yet no one acknowledges us. It bothers me when we talk about violence anywhere on the planet yet no one speaks up for the hood. I guess that one day we will all be dead and no one will ever know we existed.
I am a person who is honest, outspoken, proud of being an African American, proud of being a female, proud to be from Pittsburgh, I am proud of who I am and I am proud of where I am from. I represent the hood USA because it is more then where I am from its who I am.
African American middle class people stop being embarrassed about us. We are who we are and just because we are ghetto doesn't mean you are.
White Americans talking about violence in the hood doesn't make you racist. Everyone in the hood is not African American. Emimen is ghetto and white he grew up in the hood and in poverty.
I think Hillary Clinton cares about what is going on. I hope Barack Obama cares because 95% of people in my neighborhood voted for him. I voted for the other guy. He picked up a lot of Hillary supporters here. I don't think he will care anymore about the hood then anyone else.
Michelle Obama is a horse of a different color. I hope she will pick up the cause of working with inner city children. She gave that interview about kids telling her that she "talks White" when she was in school. She really hit the nail on the head. She is the first African American First Lady and perhaps she can convince the kids that "acting white" or "talking white" or education are not for white people. I think she can make a difference. I hope she chooses to do to do that
I am down for the hood today because I wonder if we can hold out to much longer.
I am just like most other people. I am funny and witty. I also agree with Republicans half the time and Democrats the other half. I can testify about Mental Retardation and the Positive Approaches technique in front of the PA House and Senate. I have never been to college I attended an inner city school with no books are equipment but I learned a lot because of the teachers who didn't need books because they could teach without these things. These teachers most of whom were white installed in us a sense of pride in who we were.
Some day people will care about what is going on in the hood.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matthews: Palin is Like a Male Order Bride. More Sexism From the King Pig Chris Matthews.

Remember when Hillary Clinton supporters accused Chris Matthews and MS-NBC of sexism in their coverage of the Democratic primaries, as the network became the Barack Obama Channel in 2007? Matthews has apparently decided to pick an easier target — one a lot less likely to get defended by PUMAs after the election. In an exchange with Howard Fineman last night, Matthews (not seen) says that Sarah Palin was like a mail-order bride for John McCain during the general election:

MATTHEWS: What happened between those two?
FINEMAN: Uh, it was a lost weekend that didn’t go beyond the weekend. [LAUGHTER]
MATTHEWS: He thought she was something special [crosstalk] but she wasn’t the genuine article.
FINEMAN: You know what? He had no idea, with all due respect to the Senator, he had no idea what he was getting. They came into the convention, and I was covering it closely at the time –
MATTHEWS: Was she a mail order bride? [CROSSTALK]
FINEMAN: Practically! He really didn’t know who she was!
Matthews (and Fineman, too) actually take two shots at sexual analogies here. At first, they discuss Palin as a one-night stand from a bar, and then they switch to the mail-order bride meme. If Matthews had talked about Hillary in such terms … well, actually, he did, which is why Hillary’s supporters objected so much during the campaign. It’s not exactly a classy moment here, either, considering Palin’s status as Governor of Alaska. Just what does a woman have to do to get Matthews to stop thinking of her as a sex object, anyway? Marry him?
No one will be surprised to see Matthews do this, but having Newsweek’s Howard Fineman busting a gut and joining in the fun may be a bit of a surprise. I thought Fineman had a little more class than this.

I hope Chris Matthews realises that not all Hillary supporters will allow Sarah Palin become the target of sexism. Chris Matthews is a Pig who is frustrated because he can't get a woman to save his life which would explain his tingly leg that he gets with Obama.
Chris thinks that Sarah would be easier to attack then his first target Hillary Clinton because a lot of women who are supposed to support women not only refused to speak out about the sexism directed at Governor Palin but participated.
What makes anyone think that women won't complain about an sexist attack against Governor Palin.
Sarah they are out to get you so you know you must have something the pig Chris Matthews fears.
Time for this Bozo to lose his job.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hillary Clinton says US shares blame for Mexican Drug Wars

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that America's "insatiable" demand for illegal drugs and inability to stop weapons smuggling into Mexico are fueling an alarming spike in violence along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Clinton said the United States shares responsibility with Mexico for dealing with the violence. She said the administration will work with Mexican authorities to improve security on both sides of the border.

"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade," she said. "Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians."

"I feel very strongly we have a co-responsibility," she told reporters accompanying her to Mexico City a day after the Obama administration said it would send more money, technology and manpower to secure the United States' Southwestern frontier and help Mexico battle the cartels.

"These criminals are outgunning the law enforcement officials," she said, referring to guns and military-style equipment like night vision goggles and body armor that the cartels are smuggling into Mexico from the United States.

"Clearly, what we have been doing has not worked and it is unfair for our incapacity ... to be creating a situation where people are holding the Mexican government and people responsible," Clinton said. "That's not right.

I agree with everything the Secretary says. I know some of her critics are quick to point out that there are certain kinds of weapons that can't be bought legalally in the US. You can buy any type of weapon here in the US for money. I am sure the drug lords in Mexico know this.
She is also telling the truth about the violence in Mexico being similiar to the crack cocaine wars of the 80s and 90s. I know she is correct because I live in the hood. I lived through the crack wars and those times were rough. I raised my children in those neighborhoods.
This has now spread south of the borders.
I am proud of Hillary for telling the truth. People like to look away but millions of Americans are killed every year in this war and as long as crack cocaine continues to be the sole economy in the ghettos the higher the death rate will climb.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yesterday the weather was pretty warm and it was dry so a lot of kids were outside. Suddenly, a sure sign that Spring is here. There was a fist fight. All the kids ran to the fight both males and females. I knew before I knew anything about the drama that led to the fight. I knew two things that the combatants were FEMALE and it had some connection to foolishness either boys or perceived disrespect.
I thought about the Election cycle of 2008 and how the media and the Obama campaign tired to start fights between women. Sometimes unfortunately, women fell for this tactic and because of that women haven't advanced.
I noticed sadly that not only did the women that attacked Hillary or Sarah in 2008 aren't any different then the teenage girls that fight each other in the street for reasons such as "She rolled her eyes at me." or other such statements. How different is that from Samantha Powers calling Hillary Clinton a monster? The truth is one is a group of adult women and the other group teenagers. Those teenagers will grow up one day and hopefully they will find sisterhood.
Sisters if we ever want to break the glass ceilings then we need to stop the fighting and start treating each other with respect.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In celebration of International Woman's Day a spokesman for the State Department announced the recipients of the 2009 Secretary of State's Women of Courage award. This is the only reward inside the State Departmen to pay tribute to outstanding women in leadership and women who struggle for human rights and social justice.

This year, the Secretary of State will pay tribute to honorees representing Afghanistan, Guatemala, Iraq, Malaysia, Niger, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Yemen. They are among over 80 exceptional women nominated by U.S. Embassies worldwide for their extraordinary work in advancing human rights. The women will be in Washington from March 8 – 12 for a program of meetings with government officials, NGOs and the media. The Office of International Visitors is partnering with the Office of International Women’s Issues on this project.

The 2009 recipients of the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Awards are:

Ms. Wazhma Frogh (Afghanistan)
Wazhma Frogh is the Afghanistan Country Director for the NGO Global Rights and a dynamic leader in the fight against domestic violence, marital and child rape, and sexual abuse in Afghanistan.

Ms. Norma Cruz (Guatemala)
Norma Cruz is on the forefront of women who are fighting on behalf of victims of violence and sexual abuse. As director of the NGO Survivors Foundation, Ms. Cruz combats the widespread impunity that too often accompanies the endemic violence against women in Guatemala.

Ms. Suaad Allami (Iraq)
A prominent lawyer, Suaad Allami fights against the erosion of women's rights and defends the most disadvantaged. She founded the NGO Women for Progress and the Sadr City Women's Center, which offers free medical care, literacy education, vocational training, and legislative advocacy. She has accepted a Humphrey Fellowship from the State Department for academic year 2009-2010.

Ms. Ambiga Sreenevasan (Malaysia)
An accomplished lawyer who became President of the Malaysian Bar Council, Ambiga Sreenevasan masterfully uses the rule of law to advance human rights, the status of women, and religious tolerance. In the face of death threats and intimidation, Ms. Ambiga has emerged as a strong voice of tolerance and justice.

Ms. Hadizatou Mani (Niger)
Sold to a "master" at the age of 12 for the equivalent of $500, Hadizatou Mani persevered in gaining her freedom and helped pave the way for others trapped in similar circumstances to seek justice. Through her valiant efforts, persistence, and refusal to succumb to social pressure to abandon her case, she won a historic, precedent-setting decision in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court of Justice that condemned her enslavement.

Ms. Veronika Marchenko (Russia)
Veronika Marchenko is the head of the NGO Mother’s Right, and has demonstrated exceptional bravery and leadership in exposing the truth surrounding the disturbing peacetime deaths within the Russian armed forces. Ms. Marchenko has successfully sought justice on behalf of bereaved families of servicemen who died as a result of cruel and inhumane conditions.

Ms. Mutabar Tadjibayeva (Uzbekistan)
Imprisoned for criticizing her government's handling of events surrounding the 2005 violence in the city of Andijon, Mutabar Tadjibayeva refuses to be silenced. She has returned to human rights advocacy, and remains a fearless critic of human rights abuses.

Ms. Reem Al Numery (Yemen)
When she was 12, Reem Al Numery had her childhood cut short when she was forced to marry her 30-year -old cousin. She has emerged as a strong and brave voice on behalf of other girls facing a similar fate. Her courage has inspired a widespread drive against child marriages in Yemen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HILLARY BEGANS TRIP TO ASIA THIS WEEK,22606,25015515-5005962,00.html?from=public_rss
Hillary Clinton has decided her first trip will be in Asia. She will start out visiting Japan from February 16 -18. She will then visit Indonesia from February 18 to the 19th. She will then visit Chinia from February 19 until the 22nd.
Secretary of State wanted to reach out to its very important allies in the region. Secretary Clinton wants to visit Indonsia because it is the World's largest Muslim population.
I am proud of Madam Secretary I just hope her boss's wack plans don't stick to her she needs to make sure everyone knows those wack policies are his and not hers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The writer of this article is upset because a lot of women including myself are against Obama appointing Kim Gandy as the head of the Woman's Bureau in the labor department. This writer is also of the opinion that women should have just fallen on their knees in front of Obama because Hillary told us too.
She doesn't understand how women can oppose Kim Gandy and NOW. She doesn't state the blog sites that object to Kim Gandy.
Here are a few that I found that she may have seen.
I agree with the writers of these articles completely. NOW and Kim Gandy failed women when women needed them the most. They did not have to vote for Sarah Palin but they should have endorsed her ticket and they should have defended her against the sexist media and Democrats. They should have spoken up for Hillary during the Primaries.
NOW should be non partisan but if they cannot be non partisan then they should call themselves Democrat and Pro Choice only.
You can read more about both the New Adgenda article and the peice on Huff Puff at


Today is Governor Sarah Palin's 45th birtday. She is the Governor of Alaska and former VP candidate this year. Happy Birthday Governor. Enjoy your day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has taken an interest in an American who has been imprisioned inside of Belarus the last of the Soviet style dictatorships left in Westeren Europe.
The Secretary is very interested in the case of Emanuel Zeltser, the Russian born New Yorker who has been in custody since March of 2008.
US officials believe that Zeltser has been the victim of abuse in the Prison. The US is protesting his treatment and calling on the Government of Belarus to release Zeltser for Humanitarian reasons as he has a heart problem and is not receiving proper medical care.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Senator Clinton became the next Secretary of State on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. She was confirmed by a vote of 94 yeas and 2 nays. Her confirmation hearing was held up by one Senator who had questions about her husband's foundation the Clinton Global Initiative but Senator John McCain said he talked to Senator Cornyn who agreed to a vote on Wednesday.
The two Senators who voted nay were two Republicans.
Senator after Senator spoke about how Senator Clinton was uniquely qualified to be our next Secretary of State. Several Senators said that the United States needed Hillary Clinton at the helm at state.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton the Secretary of state nominee hit it out of the ball park on Tuesday at her confirmation hearing in front of the foreign relations committee hosted by John Kerry. He seemed kind of snarky at the beginning of the hearings but later seemed to change his attitude. Senator Clinton answered a range of question ranging from foreign donations made to her husband's organization The Clinton Global Initiative. She knew not only the issues of the day but also came across as warm. Hillary Clinton is going to be the best SOS and of course she will make the best President when she runs again in 2016.

We wish the Secretary of State very well. President elect Barack Obama will benefit from her appointment only if he chooses to listen to her before he listens to his staffers who do not know the same thing she knows. Remember the President needs to have her back and she must have his as they make this journey together.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hillary Clinton was questioned by Democrat Barbara Boxer on her views of girls and women. The Senator from California held up a picture of a little girls from Afghanistan who had acid thrown in their faces simply because they wanted to attend school. This is an outrage and something the first lady Laura Bush is also interested in stopping.
Senator Boxer also held up a picture of a little girl who had her eyes gorged out by the brothel that owned her. This is sex slavery that is reality for women and girls all over the world.
Senator Clinton said this issue has been important for her since her college days.
In 1995 at a speech in Beijing China, Hillary gave her famous "Women's rights are human rights." speech. This was one of the best speeches. She promises that women and girls issues will be given a priority at the State Department.
She promises to continue her lifelong interest in fighting for women and girls all over the world. Thank you Senator Hillary Clinton for fighting for our rights and for all you do to inspire women and girls all over the world.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This story made my day as a Hillary supporter who will never forget the betrayal of Bill Richardson against Hillary Clinton. Bill Richardson called her a racist spreading that lie. Obama promised him VP and SOS and the stupid fool didn't get anything even though he betrayed the Clinton's. I say Obama didn't give the positions he coveted to Richardson because Obama lives by the crooks creed. He doesn't trust people whom will sell their mother for a position or money or whatever other reason Bill Richardson betrayed Hillary. He got a low level very unimportant position which of course he no longer has because he is going to jail.
The prisons are getting full of Politicians. Soon there will be more Politicians in Prison then there is in Washington or in the State capitals.
Now I may have to actually have a party to celebrate Judas going to Prison and not getting any job.

President Elect Barack Obama has failed to make any comments regarding the conflict in the middle East between Isreal and Gaza. He claims that there is only one President at a time so now he wants to remember that rule. He is proving to his detractors including me that he is a big IDIOT that doesn't know what to say or do. This is going to be a big mess. He refuses to give any kind of statement. This makes Isreal nervous and more likely to see the US as abandoning them with the election of Obama. This makes the Palestinians nervous because they don't know where they stand.
President Obama get your head out of your ass and figure out what to say. I know your waiting for Hillary's confirmation hearings so that you will know the correct thing to say. I knew he was an idiot and now America is going to suffer because of some stupid idiots who voted for this fraud.
Don't blame me I voted for Hillary and then I voted for McCain/Palin.

Governor Blagovitch has selected Obama's successor an African American man and Harry Reid and the racist Democrats do not want a black man in Obama's senate seat. Harry Reid the disgusting White Racist and Senate Majority Leader should resign because he is a racist and should be fired. He told Blagojevich that he did not want Jesse Jackson Jr. or any other black candidate because that person would not win reelection.
This man is innocent there is NO evidence that this man offered the Governor anything. Reid just is a racist red neck who doesn't want his "Senate" tainted with black blood. Obama, after all, was on half Negro so therefore he would be OK in the Senate.
Its time we demand that Burris be allowed to take his seat on Tuesday and if not then we protest the racist Senator and the Senate Democrats.
Hillary I am glad you are leaving the Senate because the other Democrats are all racist.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Former President William Jefferson Clinton and his wife the Jr. Senator of NY and next Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when the former first couple helped drop the crystal ball in the middle of Times square to kick off 2009.