Sunday, August 31, 2008

ACORN the scandal riddled community Action group that Obama worked for and who endorses him. This group is as crooked as it comes. They have even embezzled money from the group. They covered the theft by making it appear as a loan.
They have taken over property and used other thug like behavior as their tactics. This group is just another bad judgement call by the Obama campaign.
They will try to steal this election and I believe plans are already in place. We must stop this group from stealing another election. Republicans need to challenge as many people that were registered from this group. They may need to put poll watchers in place.

HILLARY CLINTON FORUM MENTIONED ON SEAN HANNITY RADIO. was mentioned on Sean Hannity's radio program on Friday. Sean Hannity read some posts from the thread "Sarah Palin is McCain's VP." It is the most viewed thread in that forum's history. The men and women who are on the forum were excited by Big Mac's pick for VP.
Sean Hannity dispelled the myth that the forum members were Republicans. He said he had been reading the forum since March and found us to be Democrats who were now forming into a grassroots movement dedicated to getting Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States. He is actually right it is a grassroots movement not only to get Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States but to fight the sexism that Hillary faced in the Primary.
I am very proud to be not only a member but the forum is my home on the net.
The HillaryClinton forum is a good place for Hillary supporters to discuss her and help her become POTUS.

It seems that Sarah Palin brought in a huge one day total. It's been changed to something like 6.9 million dollars. I hope that McCain will let us know how many Hillary supporters gave him. We sent them a clue with our donation. If you want to donate money to the McCain campaign. A lot of us are using Hillary Clinton as the person who referred us. This is just one way they know that we are Hillary supporters.
His pick also energized his base. She is a conservative. It seems that the Republicans are not really sexist or racist because they seem to like conservatives no matter the race. The moderate Republicans seem to like Moderates no matter the race or gender. The Democratic Party has been lying to us for years. I no longer trust the political parties. No more voting Parties for me. I am going to vote for the candidate that panders to me the most.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Obama campaign is behind the smear of Sarah Palin. It is trying to say she is anti gay. It's a hate site like what the Obama campaign has pulled not only John McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton, but also PUMA. You trace it back and it ends up back to Fight The which belongs to Barack Obama. PUMA is supposed to be a Republican site which it is not. We were not Republicans and most of us will be casting our vote for a Republican for the first time this year. Yes we formed on June 4th that was because that was the day after the sham of an Primary ended. I was there. I remember.
Obama has violated more rights then any candidate I have ever seen. I believe we elect him we won't have any rights left.


On the very day that McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate the Obama campaign, CNN, and the Obamorans were back to making sexist remarks about Sarah Palin. CNN basically said that Sarah was to busy running for Vice President because she had a baby. Well She is capable of giving birth while a Governor of a whole state right after she gave birth. I am sure she and her husband are capable of making that decision. They would not have said that if Sarah were a man. Well guess what CNN it's a brand new day in America women can do both. Sarah's husband is a stay at home dad. They are fine.
The Democrats all chimed in with she doesn't have experience but Bambi doesn't either. I do not think the Democrats want to go there. Obama called her a mayor instead of Governor. She has more executive experience then all three Senators combined. She has been the only one to deal with a budget and she has managed to cut back on Alaska's dependence on the federal government. She is a maverick.
She was called a beauty queen another sexist remark because she was in a beauty contest when she was younger. Give me a break. This is sexist. It's coming from the party that is supposed to be the party for women's rights. Yes that is why they used sexism to harm the first viable woman to ever run for office. It will not happen to Governor Palin. We will not be silent.
Cindy McCain is another woman who is criticized for her past drug use. I believe Obama also used drugs in his past. Do we want to go there? How about how many houses she owns? I don't care how much money she has or how many homes she owns. She has also provided medial care to the people in Africa and other third world countries. Michelle Obama needed her husband's approval to accept a job. Can you see Cindy McCain needing her husband's approval.
Nancy Pelosi is jealous and wants only to be the top woman in government that is why she stabbed Hillary in the back. That is why she is now attacking Sarah. Look Botox you have a 9% approval rating stop the hating and do what you were elected to do.
Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain you two have earned my respect. I may not agree with Sarah on every issue but I am proud of her. Cindy as a poor American I am proud of the work you have done on behalf of poor people all over the world. I look forward to you being our First Lady.

Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain picks Alaska Governor Sarah Pallen for his VP running mate. Sarah Pallen, 44, is the second woman in history and the first Republican woman to be named VP. In 1984 Vice President Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferrero as his running mate. They did not win they lost to President Ronald Reagan. McCain may win thanks to this pick as women who are angry or upset or disillisioned will vote for McCain with this choice.
Sarah is the only one of the four people on both tickets who has executive experience. She is also a conservative which will help McCain with that base. She is a governor and that is perfect as he is an United States Senator.
It's entirely possible for there to be a female nominee on both tickets in 2012. That would be really awesome. This site will not allow Governor Pallen to be a victim of media bias during the general election. That will not happen because women are still angry about Hillary. They will not put up with the media abusing her like they did Hillary.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's thugs are at it again. He had an ABC reporter arrested for taking pictures outside of his hotel room for taking photos of lobbyists and big shots meeting with Democrats. I thought small donors were going to be the only ones going to be contributing to his campaign. I am sick of the Democrats and Obama's holier then thou attitude. They are now trying to get rid of the first Amendment rights. Once they get done we won't have any Constitution. Obama is much to dangerous to allow to become President. Look at how he was able to thug his way with the nomination. The people didn't seem to be as fond of him as the dead people in the caucus states. I wonder how many dead people are going to be voting in the General Election. I am going to let the Republicans know to challenge all the new voters that the Democrats bring in since they are probably going to try to steal this election. After all that is all he knows how to do.

This article by Geraldine Ferraro who was the first woman to be selected as VP on a Presidential ticket. It explains about the three types of Hillary women
The first ones are PUMAs and because they refuse to vote for Senator Obama period in the fall thanks to the sexism in this campaign and the silence of the Democratic Party Leadership, Obama, and Howard Dean. They also protest against the unfair treatment Senator Clinton got from her own Party. I am in this group. Nothing Hillary says can change my mind. I am not only boycotting Obama but the Democratic Party period.
The second group will vote for Obama because they are loyal Democrats who will vote for the Nominiee.
The third group are those who were holding out for Obama to ask her to be VP and felt slapped in the face when they found out Hillary wasn't even vetted. There are even delegates in this group and they may not back Obama in the fall. I know a lot of people who were in this group who have moved to group number 1 I haven't met to many who moved to group number 2. They feel as though The DNC told them they were no longer needed. This is evident by Donna Brizille's email to base telling us to stay home because they were only interested in the young, the African Americans, and the Urban votes. The last time a Presidential Candidate got only these three groups was in 1972. McGovern only won one state. I think Obama is not even going to win that. He should have spoken out like John McCain did. John McCain defended Hillary he was the only one who did. I will remember that in the fall when this African American female casts her vote for Senator McCain.

Cindy McCain is in Georgia visiting refugees. "They just want to go back home." Cindy said. She denied it had anything to do with the Democratic National Convention. The damn Democrats think everything has to do with them and their appointed one. Well everything doesn't resolve around the Democrats or their appointed ones.
Cindy has a blue brace on her arm that she said came from an excited supporter in Michigan who was a little to excited. She tore some ligaments.

This article is written by a former Hillary supporter who is now supporting McCain. She cites his inexperience and his arrogance. She was very angry that Hillary was disrespected by not being vetted. She feels that he insults Hillary and her supporters and continues to do so.
I feel the same way. I will not vote for this fraud because of all the comments he made during the primary. I am not voting Democrat this year because of all the election fraud that the DNC participated. I will only be voting for Hillary supporters until all the Obama traitors or out of office. Obama will lose in November and he will lose his Senate seat in 2010 because once those Republicans attack he's gone. That will be so sweet to this Hillary supporter for McCain. I guess now I am officially an McCain supporter at least for this year.
McCain didn't tell me to stay home or think that my vote was his. I was ticked when Obama tried to strong arm McCain about going after Hillary supporters because they were his. McCain laughed in his face and said "no they voted for Hillary." He increased his efforts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The forensic analysis proves that the birth certificate that is posted on Dumbo's site is a forgery. That is what we have been saying all along. This site shows very strong evidence that the birth certificate is a forgery. So what else is this man hiding and why didn't the MSM and the Democratic Party vet him.
Why doesn't he have to show his birth certificate before he can even run. He doesn't have a real birth certificate because he was not born here in the United States. He was born in Kenya and his mom Stanley Ann Dunham did not meet the qualifications of having her son declared an American Citizen because she wasn't old enough and his father was from Kenya.
His grandmother says he was born in Kenya so does his half brother and sister. There is a lawsuit trying to prevent his nomination but that is over so now all we can expect is he is forced to resign and McCain has to defeat McKinley, Nadar, and Barr. That should be a cake walk and he will become the President of the United States.


The Obots are at it again they are starting to stalk this site and like the idiots they are. They are calling me a Republican. I am not a Republican but at this moment I wish I were. I donated money to several Democratic candidates and maxed out for Senator Clinton but I never donated a dime according to the Obots who are to stupid. I will never again donate to any Democratic Candidate unless they backed Senator Clinton. I will continue to support only those Democratic candidates that supported Senator Clinton. I will not support any candidate that backed Obama.
I will be canvassing for McCain and my goal is to turn PA as red as a tomato.
I want to see red from sea to shining sea. I want Obama and his wife to end up homeless and living under a bridge which would be fitting. I cannot wait until the whitey tape hits and Michelle has to explain to her partners and clients why she hates them so much.
I want to see them lose everything. Then they will learn it's not good to mess with the Clintons. Hillary will be in the White house and Senator Obama will serve one more year in the Senate and lose his seat in 2010. What is he going to do then. He and Michelle will really have a reason to hate everyone. He will be done.


The Democratic Farce has now made Barack Obama the official nominee. I will now be endorsing John McCain as the next President of the United States. This site will always remain a pro Hillary site but I am now endorsing John McCain completely. Plan A is over but today begins a new day one where Democrats and Republicans unite to elect the next President of the United States. I will began campaigning for McCain in PA and blogging for him online. He is a good man and a wise choice for President.

This article is very good. A lot of Hillary supporters are still not backing Obama. They do not like or trust him. They will not work for him if they are planning to work for him. A good bit of Hillary supporters will back McCain this year even life long Democrats.
Her supporters are sad and angry. I am both. I feel as though Obama is a bad choice and is going to lose. They are immature and will blame the loss of his career on her when it is clearly his fault for insulting her supporters.
I am not voting for Obama, I am not staying home, I am not writing her name in, nor will I vote for any third party candidate. I will cast my vote for McCain.


Senator Clinton gave a wonderful speech and threw her support to Senator Obama. I know she had to do that to unify the party but I still am not backing him. He is not my type of candidate. He is still a liar and very lazy.
Senator Clinton is my heroine. She inspired me a long time ago. It was her inspiration that lead me to began to turn my troubled life around. I am very proud of Senator Clinton. I was proud of her before this election and I am proud of her now.
I watched as the Republicans and the conservative press and the sexist Chris Matthews attack Hillary Clinton during the 90s. They tried to indict her and threatened her with jail for what turned out to be nothing. They went out of their way to embarrass and humiliate Senator Clinton but she did not remain knocked out for long she fought back. The Republicans learned to respect her and even the conservative press who disagree with her on the issues have learned to respect her. Chris Matthews is the only person who continued to hate Hillary for what I do not know. I think he hates women. He is very sexist.
I watched as Chris Matthews was joined in his hatred by CNN and MSNBC as well as the rest of the MSM. They were joined in this attack by Senator Obama and his wife as well as the entire DNC. They played the race card on Hillary, Bill, and Gerry. They called her supporters racist if they were not African American and they called her African American supporters race traitors and oreos as well as Uncle Toms. I watched as they stole delegates from her and gave them to him. I watched as they pressured her into dropping out but she refused. I watched as Obama and the DNC continued to attack Hillary and Bill Clinton. This made me not only angry but enraged. I was enraged at the black people who called me an Uncle Tom and I was told that "You are keeping a brother down." Never mind that Hillary is my sister and my heroine. Not all black people did this. I began to get into fist fights with people over this election and I had lost my sense of humor. I found and this gave me a safe place to vent. I also found others who were also angry.
I watched her speech last night even though I have been unable to watch her on the stump for him I was able to watch her speech and every time she mentioned his name I booed and hissed and screams obscenities but when she was finished with her speech a very good speech which shows she is the right choice. I no longer hated Barack Obama I am still angry but I do not hate him. I have no intention of supporting him because I do not reward racist candidates no matter what race the racist is.
Thank You Senator Clinton you know you will be President someday. I love you and I admire you but I cannot do what you ask of me and that would be to support a man that I do not trust.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We are watching the death of the Democratic Party this week. I for one will not be watching anything except for Hillary's speech and that of the Big Dawg's. I do not wish to watch the death of the Political Party that I love or have worked for over 26 years.
I have watched as Howard, the screamer Dean, Michelle, I have never been proud of America before until they voted for my stupid unqualified husband, Barack, I do not really know my name, when I was conceived, how many states there are, or what religion I am; but I am ready to lead this Country, Obama, Donna, hold up I have to eat everything in the house first,Brizille, George, I am a foreigner who wants to take over America, Soros, Nancy, I have had enough plastic surgery to start my own plastic company, Pelosi, as well as the Bill, Judas, Richardson steal an election and trash the reputation of the greatest President in my lifetime and his wife. They wanted to take over the Party and Country. They stole delegates and cheated even though it was obvious that the American People did not want this loser. They selected him using the youth and African Americans to steal the caucuses.
Now they are threatening delegates and not giving anyone a floor vote. Even though the so called winner is tanking in the polls and his numbers get worse everyday. He had a one point bounce in his polls after selecting his VP. He will probably not even get a bounce after his convention because the party is not unified. He split the party. McCain is set to announce his VP on Friday a perfect time in my opinion as it will give him a bounce. He will get a much larger bounce then Obama and he will also be able to maintain it until his convention in two weeks.
Now the University of Illinois released his information on William Ayers and Obama. This should really hurt Obama and probably cause him to lose in November. He may also be arrested and put in jail in September or October leaving the Democratic Party without a Nominee. Hillary would never take the nomination and couldn't anyway. This would be justice since Obama has done this to a lot of people in the past--Alice Palmer, His Democratic rival in the Primary for the seat he now holds and Alan Keyes the Republican plus a score of others.
There are also beginning to be what looks like a body count. There are four people dead--two Obama supporters and two Hillary supporters.
The Party also has to contend with PUMA the Hillary supporters who are fed up with the corruption that went on during this Primary and are refusing to vote for Obama.
Will 2008 mean the death of the Democratic Party or will PUMA and the DLC take control of the DNC which seems to be lead by Communists. I hope so because if they do not then not only will I not vote for him but I will not vote Democrat again except for Senator Clinton.
If no floor vote is done correctly then the rest of the Hillary supporters will leave. He already lost 4 million in June and another 4 million in August when he selected Biden. He will likely lose the rest of the 18 million voters who voted for Hillary during the Primary. Remember Hillary got the core Democratic base. If he loses only 2% then he will lose. If he loses more then that he will lose in a landslide. He has only managed to get the support of 46% of the Hillary supporters. He is going to lose in the biggest landslide in History.
I am personally not sure what I am going to do yet. I will not vote liberal. I will vote Republican.

Bill Clinton, the only true winner the Democrats have had since FDR, has undercut Obama in Denver telling the foreign press "If your a voter and you have candidate X and Candidate Y and Candidate X tells the Public everything they want to hear and can deliver on nothing and Candidate Y tells people half of what they want to hear and can deliver everything he said he could. Who will people chose?" He is right.
This article is pretty good but they did lie when they said Bill Clinton said that the big cry baby's being a candidate for President was a fairy tale. What he said was this "His opposition to the war from the beginning was a fairy tale. Since he was elected all of the bills he voted for regarding the war was the same as my wife's. Gimme a break." Nothing racist about that. The sissy boy knew this but like the big cry baby punk he is had to cry and moan because he doesn't have enough brains to come up with a plan of his own. He had to cry Racism. I hope he remembers that in fall when he loses by 50 states.

Monday, August 25, 2008

This is what I mean about there not being any party unity in the Democratic party. A delegate the head of the Illinois State Senate called another Hillary supporter an Uncle Tom. He tried to spin it by saying that he called her and other Hillary supporters something else. The Hillary supporter said to him "Those are fighting words." He knows he is a liar like the other people who back Obama he is a liar and a race baiter.
I say we take out five white Democrats who supported Obama for every black Hillary supporter who was abused by Obama and his thugs.
Well Obama I am a real thug you big ugly sissy boy. Your supporters are all girly men. They think they are so tough I would kick all of your punk asses. I would love to punch ugly Michelle in her fat ugly face but I would probably turn to stone.

This article is about the biggest loser in the Democratic Party stupid Howard, the screamer, Dean who stole this election from Hillary so he can win the white house on his watch. Guess what your a loser and your chosen one is a big loser. Now I am so angry after reading this article that I want to work hard and make sure that not only does he not elect a President but he loses the House and Senate also. He wanted to win the White House why would you steal this election from the only person who could win it. You hate women Dr. Dean that is what this is about. Well I hate little wimpy punks who's screams like a bitch in heat. Your so happy with your big fucking loser well Dr. Dean I suggest you take a look at the AOL Straw poll because that is what your frigging 50 state strategy will bring you a 50 state loss. He thinks he is going to beat the Republicans when he knows there is a whitey tape out there.
They are allowing fat ugly Michelle Obama to speak The ugly fat Hoe cannot even read. The ulgy man looking dyke. She is ugly and her man is a girly man. He has no balls. He doesn't have a brain in his head and he smokes crack. He picked these losers over a woman who would have won and her popular two term husband. Well Howard Dean you ugly freak I hope you are happy. I am never voting for your stupid Democrats again and if Hillary and Bill were smart they would go to the Republicans and crush the Obama/Biden two racists for the price of one ticket. I would love to see Obama/Biden vs McCain/Clinton.

John McCain is reaching out to angry Hillary supporters. Polls show that he has 27% of the Hillary supporters and there are 25% who are undecided. I love McCain reaching out to us when The Democratic Party told us all during the Primary that they didn't need us anymore. They told us to stay home. They told us to catch the McCain express. I am sure Donna Brazile is sorry she sent those emails out now.
It was McCain who defended the Clintons when Obama played the race card against them. It was McCain who defended Hillary when Obama's friend called her racist names. Where was her own Party silent. I would be happy if Hillary would leave the Democratic Party. She would take a majority of us with her. Can you see it now? The DNC would be in a panic because they lost the only two term President since FDR. I would love to see Bill Clinton campaigning for John McCain then I would seeing him campaign for Obama.
This Hillary supporter says to McCain "He doesn't understand me like you do." I am voting for you. Take that Barack Obama.

Rudy Giuliani says that Obama made a bad choice when it comes to picking his VP. He says that he and Biden are friends and that he likes the Senator but Hillary would have been a better choice and a way to keep Hillary's 18 million voters. Rudy felt the pain for the JR. Senator of New York. He says that Hillary would have been the best choice.
McCain may pick Romney as his VP choice which would also show that he understands Party Unity. He and Romney had a bitter Primary challenge as did Obama and Clinton.
There is a lot of bad blood between the supporters of Clinton and the supporters of Obama. 27% of all Hillary supporters are voting for McCain and 20% are staying home. This number is now expected to rise since Obama never even vetted Hillary for VP. This decision was so bad.
The truth is all African Americans in this Country are not voting for Obama and that is what he would need to even make a dent in what Hillary supporters he lost. Obama doesn't stand a chance now in November. He needed to get 99% of the Hillary supporters to win in November he now has less then half that number. He really blew this one.
Come on Supers you have two days to do the right thing and nominate the winner. She will show Obama what Party unity is and turn right around and offer it to him.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Senator Obama is being haunted by his opposition to the Babies Born Alive After Abortion act. He voted no on this claiming Roe vs. Wade. I am sorry but I am pro choice but I think unless the mother's life is in danger then abortions should only happen during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I do not believe in abortion in the late term unless it is to save the mother's life. I do not think abortion should be allowed to become common. I do not like infanticide. I think if the baby is born alive then medical care should be given to the baby. I don't understand why babies are allowed to die. Where is the humanity in that?

Senator Hillary Clinton talked about her friend Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She called the Representative her sister and her friend. She talked about how they met in the 90s and how they went through the very rough Primary where several of Senator Clinton's African American supporters were threatened with Primaries or they were threatened with other problems. Senator Clinton told her to leave her then but Stephanie refused saying "When I am in it I am in it." She was very loyal to Senator Clinton.
Representative Tubbs- Jones will be missed by everyone who supported Senator Clinton and everyone who she represented. I, as an African American woman, am very proud of Representative Tubbs-Jones who was the first African American woman to represent the state of Ohio.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

At 3 am the McCain campaign will release a new attack ad using Hillary. McCain asked the questions that a lot of angry Hillary supporters say. "Why not Hillary she had 18 million votes." It's because she told the truth. I love the idea of McCain using Hillary to smack the crap out of Obama. I want to see more of this. I think Hillary would be better off leaving this party if she doesn't have the nomination as they stole this from her. I am saying this I would love to see her accept McCain's VP. The Republicans wouldn't be upset as they would know she would bring with her 18 million voters and a popular two term president. She would help McCain defeat her enemy. I hope she will consider it if he asked her. McCain and the Republicans have shown her more respect then the Democrats and Obama.

Barack Obama hired the community action group to canvass for him during the Primaries. He also forgot to put that down in his records. They have cleared it up.
ACORN Organization is a terribly corrupt organization. They use terror in Poor neighborhoods to bring out the vote. They threaten people who disagree with Obama. They also have a fondness for burning down trees. They also pay kids and crack heads to harass someone who disagrees with Obama. ACORN is the reason I am so Anti Obama besides the fact that he and his wife are racist.

Obama the racist black man picks Biden the racist white man in the biggest gifts to the Republican party since the DNC stole this election and nomination from Hillary.
Joe don't get to excited since the black racist didn't have enough pledged delegates to capture the nomination. I say floor fight is going to happen now.
The other half of the Hillary supporters who were hesitating to back Obama unless he picked Hillary will now be firmly in the corner of John McCain.
I have to tell you that I danced the happy dance today because I knew that Obama picked a complete and total idiot. He is also pro war. He voted for the same war that Hillary did. Well guess what Obama your going to lose this fall now I do not see him winning any state.
He picked his VP today so he can get a little bounce in the polls. This should help Hillary. He may get a little bump in the polls. They are hoping that he gets a bump for naming his VP. They are also counting on a big bounce after the convention. He ends up with the nomination and gets a three point bounce then the entire Democratic Party can worry about their jobs. I love it when people get their comeuppance.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hillary was at the New York State fair today in Syracuse, New York. She answered questions about rather or not she was going to be the vice President choice of Barack Obama. I had to choke back a gag but I was glad when she referred them to the Obama campaign.
I love Hillary but I will not be voting for her as vice president. I will be making sure that she remains the Jr. Senator of New York. I do not vote bottom of the ticket and this site will have to be anti Obama rather or not she is vice President or not.
That will be kind of funny to see the Pro Hillary blogs remain Anti Obama and Pro McCain. This one will do just that rather or not she is the nominee.

Two threatening letters were sent to two different headquarters of the John McCain headquarters in Denver and in New Hampshire. White powder was found in both of the envelopes and both were turned over to the US Secret Service.
Obama did threaten to bring guns and violence to this election I hope he and his crazy supporters did not have anything to do with this but since this blog just received another death threat from a crazed Obot I would say that it is entirely possible.
I will say this to the person or people responsible for writing the threats. I have turned it over to the Secret Service Stop Lying they are going to arrest you and lock you up. I turned your email address over to the Secret Service and you are going to jail.
I am a woman of color and I took your reference to the KKK as a fact that you are to stupid to know how to read I am black I am not a member of the KKK but you must be as only bigots of all races support Barack. Now as you threatened a former President of the United States and a former First Lady I sent it all to the Secret Service and they will be pressing charges.
The person who made this threat goes by the name of Stop Lying and he/she threatened Bill and Hillary. If this person writes this blog again I will publish their email address.

This article and the downloads that are on here are the actual court documents. The suite states that Barack Obama did attempt to sue and defraud the American people. Obama is either not a natural born citizen of the USA or he is a duel citizen. Obama may have been born in Kenya which would not have allowed her to register her newborn son as she was only 18 and not old enough to register the infant.
If he was indeed born an American citizen then he would have become a duel citizen at the age of six when Ann Dunham married Lolo Souretto. He would have had to be sworn in as an American citizen at the age of 18. He traveled to Pakistan on his Indonesian passport when he was 20 years old. This was during the time when Americans were forbidden to travel to Pakistan.
The Political parties and the FEC need to make sure these people do not get away with defrauding the American people.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The DNC are in trouble because they know that McCain is now beating their chosen one. McCain is crushing the man. He is setting up offices in traditional blue states. The State of PA hasn't gone red in 20 years. The last time they selected a loser. Obama is winning PA but it is basically a tie.

This lawsuit was filed in Philadelphia by an unknown person to get an injunction stopping the DNC from nominating Barack Obama or Barry Soerotto or whomever he is.
I hope the injunction is filed and the DNC is left figuring out what to do about this mess do they cancel the coronation that they have planned for next week or does it go on as planned with Hillary as the nomination. This may be a way out for the DNC after they selected the Nomination who is getting slaughtered in the polls. McCain is now winning in several polls and he is in a virtual tie with him in the rest. Obummers is losing ground in the blue states. How is he going to win in November. The DNC really blew it. Well that nightmare is their parties.
I wonder how the DNC is going to feel about the Pro Hillary sites becoming Anti Obama sites and Pro McCain sites. Just more proof that we are not a fringe group.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


God saw that she was tired and weary, So he did what he knew was best, He came and stood beside her and whispered: "Come home with me and rest." She bade no one a fond farewell, Nor even said good bye: She was gone before we knew it. And only God knows why. She left her love and wisdom, But the pain still makes us cry; We have to say "farewell, we love you but we will never have to say goodbye!
Rest in peace Sister "God came to her and said welcome home my daughter."

US Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones was hospitalized after she suffered an aneurysm in her brain and collapsed while driving. She is in critical condition and her family wish not to share details at this time.
Representative Jones was a Hillary supporter who really was very helpful in the Primary. She was the first African American representative in Ohio. She lives in Cleveland.
My Heart and soul goes out to Representative Tubbs and her family at this tragic time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This article explains Barack Obama's relationship with the black community. This man explains that Obama has not done anything for black people and doesn't plan to. He has given the black community lectures on being there for their kids.
He talks about being black but does he understand what it is like to be a poor black boy in the ghetto? No he doesn't know what that is like. Does he know what it's like to lose half of your friends to death by the time you are 25 years old? No he doesn't know that either. Does he know what it is like to see Police officers terrorize their fellow citizens and even little children are not immune? No he doesn't know that either.
Frankly besides his skin color he has nothing in common with me or anyone else in my hood. He doesn't know that if our young folks go to an integrated school the teachers do their level best to make sure they do not graduate. Does he know how it feels to watch one love one after another turn to crack cocaine and become addicted? No he doesn't know that one either.
Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soretto doesn't know much about African Americans because he did not grow up with African Americans. He was raised by White America. He has never been poor. I prefer rappers such as Snoop Dogg who does know what its like to be poor and black in America. He is pushing marriage (He is married to his wife and they have several children.) He also besides raising his own kids he is helping millions of other children in LA with his football league. He also cares about what is happening in the hood. I find more to respect about Snoop Dogg then I will ever respect about that fake Obama. His real name is Barry Soretto.

Barack, cry baby, Obama now wants McCain to acknowledge his patriotism. Obama expects his opponents to take off the gloves and play nice. Obama does that and then he attacks well this is not your Democratic opponent now its your Republican opponent now. He is going to keep hitting you on what ever he has in his possession that is how they win. It's time for Barack or Barry to pull his head out of his ass and either fight the Republicans on what they have or deal with them. No one is going to punish the Republicans for doing to Obama what they are going to do it. They will punish the Democrats for being cry babies.
Come on Dems you wanted this inexperienced cry baby now deal with them or do the right thing next week. Elect someone who can beat McCain or lose this year too.

This article explains that Obama is making the same mistake that both Al Gore and John Kerry made in 2000 and 2004. A very unpopular Republican President should make it a Democratic Presidential year but Obama is polling with McCain in an statistical tie. Most Democrats are 20 points ahead during this time in the polls.
John McCain is no George Bush. First of all he is not an Ultra Conservative nor is he an evangelical. He is a Maverick who is willing to reach across the line. I am sure that once the campaign goes into full swing after the conventions that McCain will began winning the polls. Once the Republican attacks began against Obama he will be toast. John McCain is not even seriously attacking Obama and out performed him in the Saddleback forum.
Obama needs to win over the Irish Catholic voter if he is going to be successful. He is going to have to win over women if he is going to be successful however Obama thinks he is entitled to these voters because they voted for Hillary more then any other candidate. This is not true as a lot of the Irish Catholic voters will vote Republican also. They are key voters and Obama better come up with more then hope and change.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This article explains how McCain wiped the floor up with Obama during the joint appearence at the mega church in California.
McCain has life experience that Obama doesn't have. Obama is not good at answering questions without a teleprompter. He couldn't do it during the Primaries he hasn't gotten any better.
McCain was very on message and did not make any mistakes.
I can see Obama isn't going to win any debates against McCain either.

This article is very good it explains in detail how certain leaders stole this nomination from Hillary. The Party set out a system designed to rob Hillary Clinton during the Primary. With the willing help of the Obama campaign and the MSM the three worked together to steal the nomination from Hillary.
It did not work the Democratic party is having a civil war no matter how much they pretend that there is Party Unity. I have seen Party Unity this isn't it. You have a group protesting this PARTY. They call themselves PARTY UNITY MY ASS. I know there is a more PC version but I am not one to use that one. Party Unity My Ass expresses my feelings more then the People United Means Action.
We need to take our Party back from these crooked DNC. I bet the Down Ticket Democrats are nervous. I bet they are thinking of their seats and wondering if he is going to cost them.
I wonder about the pledged delegates often they are also Down Ticket Democrats. Are they nervous. They should be the bottom of the ticket is only as strong as the top of the ticket.
Delegates and Super delegates you have two weeks to do the right thing and save your jobs. Obama doesn't care if you get reelected or not. He is to obnoxious.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A female backer of Senator John McCain has bashed Howard Dean for saying that the Democratic Party is better for people of color and for women because it is hard to advance in the Republican Party if you are a person of color or a woman.
Howard Dean said that after he robbed Hillary Clinton, a woman, of her rights. He did not stand up for her like the rest of the sorry DNC. He screamed racism from the very beginning when I, an African American woman did not see racism. I certainly saw sexism. I did not see Racism directed to African American. I did see racism directed at whites. White women were called white b**ches and other offensive names yet no one spoke up for Hillary or her supporters.
I cannot believe how the Parties spin things.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This article is just another slap in the face of women. Now he wants to make women pay 54% of their money to the government. I guess that is one way to remove women from the work force. Obama is a man who is horrible for women. Women need to forget Obama and vote McCain better the devil we know then the devil we don't know. I do not trust Obama with my gender. Nope he threatens me with Roe vs Wade but he wants to tax women by taking more money then she gets. This is very sexist and must stop.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is an incredible story that the MSM refuses to cover. They are still protecting Obama and the Conservative Press wants to wait until after the convention. They didn't realize that we Hillary supporters were on the case. There are also several other interesting stories that I will be updating later.
Texasdarlin you are a true American hero. You are a hero to all Hillary supporters.
You cannot be a duel citizen and become POTUS for the same reason that you have to be a natural citizen because the founding fathers did not want people who were loyal to any other Country. They did it for Alexander Hamilton who was born outside of the American colonies and wanted a centralized government. This could be a game changer for this election.

Here is the botox queen Nancy, I have done nothing, Pelosi threatening Lieberman's chairmanship because he said Obama was inexperienced. Did he lie? Hell no he didn't lie. He told the truth and shame the devil. He owes nothing to the democratic Party and his vote is still important. I mean good Lord I remember what the Democratic Party did to him. No wonder he backed the Republican he's smart. He knew that was a disaster and didn't want to be involved. I like John McCain and he is like a Democrat more so then Obama because I am not to sure what he is yet. I will still like John McCain even if Hillary wins the nomination I just won't be voting for him anymore. Joe knows that President McCain would not be bad for this Country. He and I disagree on some issues but I would be OK with a McCain President. I like Hillary better but I respect Senator McCain and I have developed a deep respect for Cindy McCain. She is very brave and not a timid woman she reminds me of Hillary Clinton. That earns her big points. I didn't really know anything about her and now I found out I like her. Maybe that is what this is all about to teach Democrats and Republicans that they are all Americans. I don't care who the nominee is I will not disrespect John McCain or his supporters because they may call us Liberal but they don't call us disrespectful names.
That brings me to the second part of the article. Nancy called disgruntled Hillary supporters who bulk at backing Obama "less then gracious." First of all what man was forced to drop out when no official nominee was named. Not any Democrat. Please Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Howard Dean all had their names put in for nomination.
This year the convention is brokered. That means that Obama did not capture the nomination. He did not capture enough pledged delegates and those are the prize not the Super delegates. There will be no winner in the first round. Obama will not have enough Pledged delegates. They will have to go to other rounds. Hillary could emerge the nominee. If that happens what will emerge from the convention is as much as I hate this Clinton/Obama.
Only Obama knows what skeletons are in his closet. I know more and more are coming out everyday. What else does the American people not know. It's bad he has shown he is not experienced enough to unite the party. How is he going to unite the Country. It's not his race that is standing in his way. It's his inexperience. He is not ready. This is his only shot and I know he knows that. Can you win it Senator Obama? Is the Whitey tape true? Were you raised a Muslim? These are all questions that have to be answered. Perhaps it would be best to step aside. Can you fix these mistakes? I think you can fix it. You get some experience and learn what the truth is. You get your nose out of the air and learn to really respect women then perhaps you can fix the problems you have. That is what Barack Obama or Barry Soerotto or whomever he is needs to ask himself. The DNC doesn't give a damn about Obama or Hillary they just want to make this Country Ultra Liberal. The American people want centralist not Right or Left the Republicans got it. Why do the Democrats think the people gave them control of congress in 06 because the Party moved from the right. The Republicans ran only Liberals this year. They got the message. The DNC gives us Obama the Ultra Liberal or the Neo con. He switches every day. He hasn't quite hit that center yet. I never saw anyone do that before.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is a very sad story about the head of the Arkansas Democratic Party being shot. The police have become involved with the police chase. They are looking for a white man in his 40s.
This is terrible. This Political season has become so violent. I wonder what made someone so mad that they shot someone. My prayers go out to the man and his family.

Senator Joe Leiberman blasted Obama on his response on Russia's attack on Democratic Georgia, which used to be part of the Soviet Union. Russia wants all the little democratic countries that used to be part of the USSR to come back into a federation of states. Georgia wants to remain a Democratic Country and join NATO. Hillary and McCain gave the right answer but Obama gave the wrong answer. It's because he has no experience except for running for office. That is what he got with Bush inexperience leading us to the war in Iraq. Americans are getting tired of these inexperienced men leading this Country down the road to ruin. Obama is worst then Bush. I trust Bush more then I trust Obama.


Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton who obviously know nothing about the black community has suggested that if Obama doesn't win the Nomination/Election then the blacks would riot. First of all this is ridiculous as the only people who would riot are middle class black people who are weak and not angry enough. The only people who would be able to cause problems are no longer in the position to cause major problems. White people do not know this even though people like me and Reverend Manning are trying to educate White People that this is unlikely because the black men are gone. I do not know if Donna and Al know that the problems in the hood the high prison rates and the racist Rockerfeller law as well as black on black violence in the hood has left a void of men. The ones who are left are more likely to riot due to police brutality not rather or not Obama becomes President.
How did Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton betray the black community first by implying that all blacks are so primitive that they cannot handle a loss by the first black man. That I find offensive. The second way is that they took a big chance and it almost happened that Whites riot against blacks. Folks if Whites riot against blacks--it never works out well for black people. They never win. Most Whites are not going to riot but if they are afraid of black people doing it. They will riot. Do not underestimate how angry white people are becoming due to unfair labels of being racists. They are becoming angry at remarks that Obama has made against Whites. He is going to lose because of these statements.
Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton are guilty of inciting a riot and should be charged with such. I am an African American woman who is very proud of my African American history and I am ashamed of how Obama, Sharpton, and Brizille have acted throughout this campaign.

This is a good article on PUMA. We are insisting that Hillary gets her name put in nomination at the convention. She is being denied that right that every male gets even though she has more pledged delegates then anyone and is the highest popular vote in History.
The DNC has a choice either her name gets put into nomination and if it isn't we will blame the DNC and Obama. She gets her name put in nomination or the DNC loses the House and Senate and Obama gets sent back home. We have to punish the DNC so that they never pull this crap on Hillary again. Now they are threatening to Primary her. Well she will be running for President so she will have a Primary anyway. Now since she got threatened I feel as though we should threaten them. I say we take out five Democrats every time she gets threatened. We can go after the Obama traitors first then the Clinton traitors second. We punish any candidate who publicly speaks out for Obama by removing them from their jobs. This would shut everyone up and no one will speak up for him. I think we should get thuggish back.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This article proves to me that George W. Bush is more like Barack Obama or Barry Sorrotto. The only person that got the response to the Georgia crisis was Senator McCain. Hillary got it right too. George and Barry think that Russia and Georgia are equally responsible for this crisis when it was Russia who was the aggressor. George W Bush issued a stronger statement. Barry also came up with a googled statement. McCain has proven that he gets natural security while Barry doesn't get it. He only gets what he wants to get. We cannot elect this man president. He is a disaster. McCain knows what he is doing. Hillary knows what she is doing. Obama has a teleprompter speech he made in 2002.

The Crisis in Georgia was the 3 am call to both McCain and Obama and McCain answered the call but Obama let the phone ring. Obama just proved to everyone that he is not ready to lead. He is so busy stealing elections that he doesn't know anything about America's friends or enemies. Russia attacked Georgia and Obama tells both Countries to stop fighting. That just showed that Obama is mentally challenged. He is either has mental health issues are he is just dumb. Either way we do not need this man any where near the Oval office.
The Democrats are all so busy trying to steal this election from Hillary that they are not paying any attention to what needs to be done. He is always yelling "racist" that no one is talking to him. Well they are going to lose. I think the only thing that will wake the idiots up is them all losing their seats. I mean it from the DNC to all the state houses. It's time to wipe out the Democratic Party and rebuild it from scratch.

This is a very good article that says that McCain's celebrity ads are working and allowing him to set the tone of the election. McCain is smacking Obama upside his big ears with these ads because he is a Political expert and Obama is just an idiot. He had to steal the election from Hillary in order to win. He has had to steal all his elections to win. You can't blame racism. He had to cheat Alice Palmer in order to defeat him. He is a lazy man who has gone on more vacations then the two older Americans running. I do not think this man should get any where close to the White House and the more I find out the more I do not think he should ever get anything near the White House. I say it's time for the voters to take our elections back. The Republicans feel the RNC did not give them a choice and The Democrats are angry over the fact that the DNC stole this election and plans on running the freud. The DNC proved that they are nothing but liars because they said the winner should be the winner of the popular vote and that would be Hillary. They lied because they stole this election. I plan to never vote for a party of crooks again until the liberals are thrown out on their asses.
I love McCain's ads because they are funny and I like anything that pisses off Obama.

This is another mistake by Rendell who is trying to strong arm Hillary delegates not to support Hillary in the convention. This is a slap in the face to every voter in PA who supported Hillary. He is trying to rob us of our right to the vote. He is not going to be able to run for Governor anymore but he needs to have his career killed because he is a traitor. I am going to look into starting impeachment articles against Rendell because he is not doing his job. The budget isn't getting passed because he is to busy being loyal to that scum bag Obama. The Democrats in the State House and Senate are a bunch of crooks and most of them are on their way to jail. That makes me wonder rather or not Ed Rendell is a crook too. Hillary doesn't have her name in nomination then I say we throw Rendell out on his ass. Once the Obama disaster loses. Ed will have to go somewhere and lick his wounds. So Ed what does Obama have on you and why are you insisting on not listening to your people. Get over it Ed PA is going to be red as a tomato with that punk you insist on supporting. I think Ed and every other Democrat who campaigns for him must be a traitor. Hillary has to do this until the convention and to show unity after the convention I bet she doesn't campaign for the traitor. I hope Ed is to sick to do this.

There are several anti Obama books that are becoming more and more popular. They are flying off the shelves at most book stores. There are so many people who dislike this man because of his arrogance. His incompetence. His being a disgusting racist, sexist Muslim who wants to destroy this great Country. He is always complaining about how terrible of a Country this is well let him leave it then. Perhaps he will be happier taking his UnAmerican wife with him. I wonder if he would like to live in Kenya. He doesn't treat them any better then he treats women. He is a disgusting pig who not only needs to be returned home but kicked the hell out of this Country. He doesn't like this Country then he can leave. If you are a good American of either party you will never cast your vote for this dangerous foreign person. We are Proud Americans and for that reason I am voting for Hillary or McCain.

Obama is trying to reach out to rural voters in Southern Ohio. He wants people to paint his symbol on their barns. I do not see him reaching them any more then he did during the Primary. He doesn't know anything about rural America because he is a stuck up snob. He doesn't even know anything about the inner city. He only knows the same thing as the snob. His symbol looks like something Muslim. He is trying to turn our Country into an Muslim Country. He has already stated that we are not a Christian Country we are a nation of Jews, Muslims, and Non believers. There are still more Christians then there are Jews and Muslims and non believers. I think he wants Sharia law in the United States and needs to be stopped. He is not going to be a good President. Americans if you don't want to wake up under Sharia Law then I suggest you vote for McCain if Hillary is not the nominee.
I do not see the Rural people falling for him. They turned against him in the Primary and they will vote against him in the General Election. This is still a Democracy even if the Democratic Party are determined to turn this Country into a dictatorship.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This article explains that Obama and the Clintons have bad blood between them. Bill refuses to help Obama and refuses to campaign for him or even endorse him. He is very angry and its all Obama's fault for calling Bill a racist and a terrible President. Bill shouldn't endorse Obama anyway after he ripped off his wife. Obama is a scum bag anyway. Bill should endorse McCain and the Clintons should just leave the Democratic Party but they probably won't. I am proud of Bill for refusing to help that man win the White House. He doesn't deserve Bill's help nor does he deserve the help of Hillary. Let the man unite the party himself. He is doing a terrible job. How is he going to unite the Country if he cannot even unite the Democratic Party.

This article explains how Hillary may end up with the nomination in Denver because of Buyer's remorse. It correctly states that neither Hillary nor Obama have enough Pledged delegates to win the first round of voting. Obama's poll numbers are really bad. He is running neck and neck with John McCain who has now pulled out slightly ahead. This article explains that Dikikus was 20 points ahead of George H.W. Bush. Dikikus lost big 20 years ago. John Kerry was very much ahead of George W. Bush in August of 2004. They both lost because once the Republicans play their card the Democrat usually loses badly. Dikikus only won 3 states I can see Obama losing the entire Country like the Straw Poll on AOL. That thing is always red as a tomato.
Hillary is going to end up the Democratic Nominee this year. The ticket is going to be Clinton/Obama. That is the only way the Democratic Party can win this year.

This article speaks for me. Barack Hussein Obama was selected by the crooked DNC. They planned on taking over the Party from the popular Clintons. The Main Street Media and the DNC worked together using Barack Hussein Obama to knock out Hillary. The Obama campaign were allowed to make negative statements against the only two term Democratic Party. He said the Republicans were better then Bill Clinton. The Obama campaign accused Bill Clinton of being a racist simply for saying Obama's opposition to the war was a fairy tale. They called him racist for saying that Jesse Jackson won South Carolina. I do not see the racist remarks. They allowed the Obama campaign to insult life long Democrats who were told repeatly that they were racist and they were no longer needed. They then completely turn around and try to welcome us back into a party but now we don't want to play with them. We made friends with the Republican they didn't tell us we weren't wanted. John McCain thinks that we are real important while Obama tries to woo us with threats.

Howard Wolfson did not drink the kool aid. He tells ABC the truth if the affair between Edwards and his campaign videographer were discovered earlier. I believe the press knew about it and decided to cover it up until it was time to use it. I believe the Obama campaign knew about the affair and made Edwards attack Hillary and take votes from Hillary. I believe that Obama most definitely blackmailed Edwards into backing him. Edwards knows Obama is an Pompous ass and would have backed Hillary but Obama and his thugs blackmailed him. Obama cannot blackmail the entire Country to vote for him. People are waking up and thanks to the DNC hijacking this election the sure fire Democratic Party victory is no longer going to happen. The DNC is going to have a loss of both the House and Senate that will shake them up. That is what happens when you P*ss off an entire party. It's time to destroy the party and rebuild or take over the party and throw the bums out.
Edwards is a dirt bag. He cheated on his wife and he lied about it. This from a man who created Bill Clinton ten years ago for doing the same thing. Bill who was guilty of oral sex verses a man who is accused of fathering a child. Hillary didn't have cancer but Elizabeth does.

Obama flip flopped on the crisis in Georgia. He at first said that he thought that Russia and Georgia should work out what ever problems he had. He said some uh huh and more uhs.
His bloggers and staffers were calling McCain a war monger.
The very next day Obama is agreeing with McCain. So what does that make him? This man is not ready to be President. I really want the Democratic Party to know that as an African American woman it offends me that the Party is running this candidate knowing he is going to lose real bad. Do they not want African Americans to become President? He may make a fine President some day but not now. Delegates and Super delegates do your jobs and elect the most qualified candidate to beat John McCain. Hillary wouldn't have needed to google the right answer and she probably wouldn't have responded until she knew what she was talking about.
This is a County at war on two fronts. We have lived through 9/11 and will more likely be attacked after the next Presidential election. We need a President that is going to be ready to lead on day one. Not the next day like Obama. We need Hillary or McCain.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is a message to Obama from the people of color. I am an African American who is not backing Obama. I am very vocal that I have no plans to vote for this man. I will not shut up or back down. I always ask people why Obama will not discuss "black issues" or problems faced by people in the hood and they say "He has to get elected by White People so we aren't making him make us promise us anything." I think that is stupid as White People make the White candidates pander to them as they should. I want to know his positions on problems that effect my life and the life of my community. I want to know what he is going to do about Police Brutality in our neighborhoods. I want to know about the high rate of young African American men going in and out of our nation's prisons. I want to know how he is going to lower predatory lending rates to African Americans. I want the first African American president to be qualified. I want my first African American president to be one who can lead everyone of all races. Senator Obama you are not ready to lead this great Country so I am sorry I am going to vote for McCain or Hillary.

I am very curious as to why Obama would show up to see his typical white grandmother who lives in Hawaii and probably wanted to see her great grandchildren. I do not know why Obama went to see her alone. Is he ashamed of her? Does she know something that Barry doesn't want anyone to know. There is no reporters allowed anywhere near his typical white grandma. Perhaps bloggers will have to go to get the real scoop since the Media seems to be in the tank for Obama. This has to stop. Obama must answer questions about his citizenship. McCain did and he flopped down a Birth Certificate but Obama only produced a fake.
So Obama were you so busy beating up your typical white grandma or forcing her to never reveal that you are a phony and not the person you say you are. Wonder if anyone checked on her after he left.

Very good article. The birth certificate for Barry Soetoros is in the hands of the Republican. His birth certificate with the name Barack Hussein Obama II was sealed due to adoption. His step father adopted Barack when he was two years old. He cannot have duel citizenship and be POTUS. Does he have citizenship in Indonesia as well as the US. Was he born in Canada? There are many reasons why he has to produce his original birth certificate.
If Senator Obama is in fact a fellow citizen then he should be able to produce an original birth certificate. Where is his real one not the forged copy that he has on his web site. I do not trust a word that comes out of that man's mouth.


Howard Dean and the DNC came to the Convention Center in Pittsburgh PA to build their Party's platform. He was met by a dozen protesters outside of the Convention Center. Dean also took a bus tour through the "hoods" including my neighborhood. I organized 7 of my friends and we went down to protest and to let him know that we, African American women, weren't falling in line either. We demanded that Hillary's name be put into Nomination. Dean told us that it was Hillary's decision. We also told Dean we were challenging Obama's eligibility to serve as POTUS as he is not an American Citizen. Dean seemed upset to see us in the hood. I guess he thought that only Whites were opposed to Obama it shocked him seeing a group of black people meeting him with our PUMA signs. We were dressed in our Hillary gear. To bad the Media are a bunch of punks because they are to scared to come to the hood. They didn't even report when Obummer's was here during the Primary. I have to tell the DNC that if I go through any problems during the Primary that I will fight back worst this time. I will do whatever I have to protect my family. I am not going to allow anyone to step on my property. I will defend myself by whatever means necessary.


How can you tell the Birth Certificate is an issue? The Obots come out in droves to attack what you write or what you report that has been written. You know the Obots have no brains to think for themselves. They counter us with such arguments like Hillary lost get over it. They argue the lies. The truth is they do not know any more then we do where their thief was born. They leave comments on this site like they are getting published. This last idiot Obot decided to tell me that I can find out the truth on the propandga on Fight the Smears. Yeah Like I am going to believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth.
Hey Obots guess what Hillary suspended her race and she didn't end it. It doesn't matter to me rather she wins or she doesn't my principal concern is that Obama loses by as much of a victory as possible. Perhaps Hillary will emerge the Nominee or perhaps she won't but either way Obama will never step foot in the White House.
Face it Obama's losing and he is losing blue states. I can see it now the biggest loser in History.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The sister of the woman that John Edwards slept with and supposedly had a baby with is, thinks that John Edwards should take the DNA test and that she is tired of everyone saying mean things about her sister.
First of all she slept with a married man who's wife is sick with cancer. I do not think she is innocent. I am sorry but I do not understand women who sleep with other women's men. They just prefer to be used.
There is a child involved a six month old baby girl. John needs to get those test and prove the baby is or is not his. That child turns out to be his. I hope he will be a part of that baby's life. The baby is innocent.

This is one of the best articles on Obama's Birth Certificate because it explains that Obama may have been born in Hawaii but his mother was ineligible to claim him as an American due to her being a minor at the time. Obama has citizenship in Kenya so was actually a British subject until he turned two when he became a citizen of Kenya. Obama must be a natural citizen born here to two American parents or one parent who is at least 21. He is not eligible to be President. He is going to have to prove it now brother. We want proof that your eligible.
This is why he is in Hawaii he is trying to find his birth certificate. He is trying to cover up his tracks but he is getting caught up in his lies. It's time to send this Bozo home to Illinois. He is eligible to serve in the Senate but not have some of his committees.

This is an article that is actually not negative. It says that John Edwards basically killed his shot of ever becoming President. Bill Clinton did become President after allegations of his having cheated on Hillary. Bill Clinton addressed it and admitted that he and Hillary have had marital problems. The Republicans and the Conservative press kept talking about the affairs but people ignored it. Bill Clinton was President and he was doing the job that the American People elected him to do. John Edwards will probably not do anything if he were elected anyway. I have heard rumors that John Edwards was being blackmailed by Obama. I think if that is true he should do the right thing for the Country and vote for Hillary.

This article is showing that the press is getting tired of Obama being so arrogant. Obama thinks that no one believes McCain's claim that McCain has any solutions. Millions of people who vote Republicans are all delusional. I do not understand how Obama thinks he is so loved. I cannot stand that man. He is arrogant and he and his wife think the world owes them everything. That is not the way life is. She complains about paying for Princeton and Harvard. Please most of us are not lucky enough to attend college and Princeton and Harvard forget it. Michelle has never been poor and neither has Barack so they are spolied brats. They act like the World owes them a favor just because they are the Obama's. Keep it up with your ego. I will have my candidate back soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

This fool is now threatening Conservatives with legal action if they donate money to McCain or the Republicans. The Republicans will beat the crap out of them. I think that McCain ought to tell the Republicans to investigate how and where Obama's large campaign money come from. He is not above taking money from foreigners. Obama is accepting money from HUMAS. Hell for all we know he is taking money from Osama.

Former Senator and former VP candidate admitted to ABC that he had an affair with a woman back in 2006. He denies being the baby's father. He said he told his wife back in 06 after he ended the affair in 2006. He said he asked God to forgive him. Well it looks like Obama is going to be upset because after all now he can't count on Edwards to support him if his vote counts. Obama can't blackmail him any more. I hope Edwards will join with Clinton and get rid of Oblowme. He should do the right thing

Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is the story of how Barack Obama got his first seat which he did by having his Democratic opponents removed from the ballot by challenging signatures. He had to steal Alice Palmer's Illinois state Senate seat. He has made quite an habit of stealing elections. He stole the US Senate seat he won by someone releasing the man's divorce papers. It was another case of the Fraud not being able to win on his own he must steal. He also with the help of the DNC stole this Primary from Hillary. He is going to get his just rewards.

Hillary says she wants her name put into nomination Howard Dean under pressure from PUMA has stated that it is up to Hillary rather or not she puts her name there. I know she says we can all get behind Obama but there is no reason why we cannot unify around Hillary. I love Hillary but I will not get behind Obama. He has not earned my vote nor will he get it this year. If he is lucky then Hillary will get the nomination and maybe he can learn and get more experience so the next time he runs he will have learned how not to piss people off.

Obama is tanking in the polls and lecturing Americans who are growing sick of Obama. The convention is three weeks away. Hillary may end up with the nomination because of fast Obama's poll numbers tanked. They are tanking he loses ground every day. He is not the one people want. A lot of Americans believe President Obama would be worst then President Bush.
This blog may have its candidate back in three weeks.
Obama is a race horse that isn't ready to run yet the DNC blinded by greed or what ever made them to discount the American voters. He is going to tank and if they do not want it to turn into a Republican blowout they will vote for Hillary.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is a very good article that says that Obama is having problems with the public who are beginning to see him as some sort of elitist man. He is not going to be elected President because the everyday American is having a hard time seeing that he is anything other then an elitist who is working against America. He is having problems with he and his racist wife sitting up in that racist church for 20 years yet pretending he never heard his pastor say anything racial. He has allowed his Democratic opponent to be vilified in this church and even made fun of her. Well they just cost Obama the election and hopefully the nomination. Obama is tanking in the polls. His recent bounce in the polls are all gone and now McCain is ahead in the polls.

This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. These Obots have lost their collective minds. The woman who is running this must either be a pawn of the devil himself or someone who actually believes it is a good idea to pray for really stupid things like Party Unity. Now Black people have truly lost their minds. I do not need phony preachers and Muslims to pray for me to be converted to BO. I have already made up my mind. I will not support this fraud and his fraud friends. Good Lord I am a child of God I do not think God wants us to vote for Barack Obama because God has more important things to do.

Monday, August 4, 2008

OBAMA ACCEPTS DONATIONS FROM HUMAS has a story about how the Obama campaign took illegal contributions from the middle East. He tried to cover it up but he got busted. The Presidential campaigns are not allowed to take money from foreign countries. I believe most of Obama's money was from foreigners who want to take over this Country like George Soros. Obummers feels he doesn't have to follow laws because he is the Precious. He is an idiot.

This is an article that shows that Obama has Nation of Islam activist working for him in both his State Senate and his National Senate. He is in good with Farrakhan. He gets favors and returns them to Farrakhan. The black Separatist leader endorsed Obama earlier this year. Farrakhan is very active in getting reparations passed. This has caused a great deal of concern with the voters. Obama has said in the past that he is against Reparations but now he seems to be flip flopping on this issue. This is one of the many reasons why it will be better to vote Republican then to put this man into office.

This is a good story about PUMA and PUMAPAC. It talks about the anger that a lot of Hillary supporters feel. We are angry because the media and the DNC used sexist tactics to derail the campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. We are angry that the DNC not only refused to stand up for Senator Clinton when they stood up for the professional whiner and cry baby Obummers. They then want us to unite around a man who has insulted not only Senator Hillary Clinton but also her supporters. He thinks we should just get over it and vote for him. He is outrageous for that remark. I don't have to get over anything. I have a choice in November I own my vote and no one is owed my vote. It is not for sale. I will not back him and from the polls he is losing more and more women. Perhaps Senator Obama will need to find another issue to try to win us over. Perhaps Sexism sells , Senator Obama, but I ain't buying. I will cast my vote for Senator McCain if the choice is between two men I will vote for one that actually respects my gender and not one who thinks we need to get over things.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This article explains that Obama backed away from the pre convention debates that Obama thought was a good idea. Another example of how he can't seem to make up his mind. He did agree to three debates after the convention. I am sure that Hillary would keep those dates for him. I hope Obama is ready for the vp one when it's his time. Perhaps he can learn not to lie so much that he stutters. He's afraid to debate because he is afraid he will blow it like he did in the PA debate against Hillary.

This just proves that Obama is shutting down voices that oppose him. My blog was affected by this latest attack last week. I have my blog and I am keeping it. I worked hard on this blog. I am tired of Senator Obama thinking he can just walk all over our Constitutional Rights.
He has been trying to silence Hillary supporters since January and now he wishes to silence the Republicans but we will not be silenced. Do we not have rights. We are using these Internet services why are they allowed to continue to target our sites.

BRUHAHA AIMED AT HELPING CLINTON This article proves that the DNC is delusional they believe that the New Yorker was in fact working for Hillary Clinton and were being sore losers because she lost. First of all I wouldn't say he won so she couldn't have lost and second of all what about all the offensive ads done about her. I am sick of the little crybaby punk who is the not quite ready for prime time rock star. Can both parties stop allowing these folks to run they are dangerous either to left or to right then kick them to the curve. Perhaps its up to the voters in both parties.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

BACK TRACK BARACK ON OFF SHORE DRILLING Has a good article about Barack who backtracked again. He now says we should do some off shore drilling. This man has not won his party's nomination and is moving far to the right and that is making some of his own supporters bulking at the idea of his becoming president. He also still has of yet to unify the Democrat Party as he has failed to win Hillary supporters. There are several grassroots campaigns who refuse to vote for Barack Obama and refuse to donate to the DNC or Democrat candidates. PUMA and the Just Say No Deal coalition is determined to boycott Senator Obama in November if Hillary Clinton is not the Nominiee. We feel that the DNC stole the election because of the way Florida and Michigan were decided. We believe that Senator Clinton was forced out of the race because of sexism by the Obama campaign and the Media in which was ignored by the DNC when any hint of racism was screamed. The DNC and party leaders then engaged in a battle to force her out of the race early. The DNC and the Obama campaign will pay the price for what happened to Hillary in November. When the Democrats lose it is our fault not Hillary. We are not connected to Senator Clinton but because of her that is not her fault.

The conservatives are getting nervous that Hillary will end up being the Nominee because of several gaffes. Obama has had a terrible week this week. He is seen as a celebrity like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. He in now tied with McCain in the poll with registered voters and losing to McCain among likely voters. He is either losing or losing ground in all the swing states and battlegrounds. He is doing poor. The way he is going he will tank before the convention. All the threats in the world is not going to make those delegates or Superdelegates risk their positions as down ticket Dems to such an Nominee. It's time to wake up DNC and delegates.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Barack, Both Ways Barack, Obama has admitted that he is playing the race card. He has been playing this card all along. He did it against the Clinton's and Gerry Fererro. We, Clinton supporters, are well aware of his dirty tricks as we have seen them used against our candidate and her husband a two term president that noone would consider racist.

Obama was in St. Petersburg FL yesterday when a group of young African American men stood up and held up a sign and shouted. "What about the Black Community Obama?" I was very happy to see that. It's time black people stop supporting this man blindly. I feel this country has to many problems to let an inexperienced empty suit tackle. I hope black people do not get thrown under the bus but they will.