Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes McCain is fighting charges of racism aggressively. They loudly denounced the campaign speech that Obama gave in MO where he said that the Republicans and John McCain would try to make people afraid of Obama because he didn't look like the others on the dollar bill. Implying that the Republicans are going to say he doesn't look presidential because he is black. They learned from the Clinton campaign. McCain said they were willing to do that to a two term President in their own party. I am so proud of the Republicans. I knew that the race card wasn't going to work with the Republicans who win without black vote. McCain has a teenage daughter of color so that is really not cool to the young lady. He is her dad for goodness sake and deserves as much respect as Obama's kids. She is probably proud of her dad.

This is a good story and it seems that strange murder seem to follow people who support Obama. This is two or three now. Strange things are happening in this Country.

Barack Obama was adopted by his step father and raised a Muslim. He was born Barack H. Obama II. He became a citizen of Indonesia when his step father adopted him at the age of 4. He was raised a Muslim and attended a Muslim school. This backs up his half brother who says he was a Muslim and raised a Muslim. Why the lies? Why the cover up? Why not tell the truth? Is it because he is ashamed or afraid to be seen as Muslim. Why not just tell the truth.

This is a sign of trouble for Obummers because he is only ahead by six points. He was up by 12 points last month. I am sure next month Obama is going to be tied or behind. Obama is delusional if he thinks he is going to win the state he insulted the people and called us bitter. The Democrat needs to have at least a 20 point lead because when the Republicans attack his numbers are going to tank.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It seems that not only are Superdelegates rude they are also for sale. This is Democracy at work. Obama didn't win a primary he actually bought himself a Primary. This loser couldn't even win with all the media in his tank. My girl was kicking his ass in the end. Well there are no Superdelegates in the General Election. There are only states. I am going to personally warn the Republicans to check every ACORN ballot from every state. Obama cannot win without cheating not even in the black district in Chicago. I know the Republicans are going to hit him hard. Obama thinks he is winning but how many states. Democrats must remember that it is the States and right now that appears to be in McCain's favor. He stole the election from Hillary but he will not steal the election from McCain. There are 4 million PUMAs to make sure of that.

This article talks about how Obama is really doing lousy with women over forty. He says a lot of women prefer McCain because they distrust Obama. They do not forgive the sexism that came from the Obama campaign. He is trying to use Michelle to lure us but it ain't working. Obama is doing well with women under 40 but he is not that far ahead of McCain even in this group.
They said Hillary on the ticket may cause some problems but would help him. I say it would not help him because women over 40 are like men they vote the top of the ticket and in that case the Democrat is a nightmare. I am starting to think the DNC are criminals for even selecting this man who may cause great harm to this country.
I am so glad that women are going to McCain--McCain is at least real.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


NOOBAMA radio announced on the Ed and Momma E show announced that the Obama campaign threatened to reveal Edwards affair and baby to the media if he didn't endorse Obama. The DNC is also threatening both Superdelegates and delegates with their jobs if they didn't endorse Obama. It's time that we rebuild our party and build another one. They are threatening Hillary Clinton. They threatened the life of Shelia Jackson Lee. This has to stop. John McCain may be our only hope if Hillary doesn't get the nomination.


I read this on Michelle Obama had the nerve to praise my girl Hillary at a campaign event even though she made some of the nastiest remarks about Hillary during the campaign. She was speaking to a group of women who supported Hillary. She praised Hillary for making her husband a better candidate. Even though she would never admit that he never beat her or that her sleazy husband stole the election from Hillary with help from the traitors in the DNC and the other female traitor Nancy. She never admitted that her friend Donna Brazile is a fat racist cow to ugly to ever even have a man never mind getting someone to marry her ugly ass. She says her daughters can look up to Hillary. I wanted to barf.
What Michelle didn't tell these women that she needed her husband's permission before she accepted a position working for Daley. I cannot believe that woman took her fiance to a job interview. This woman is an embarrassment who I cannot wait until I never have to hear her voice again. Real women do not need their husband's permission. You tell me Obama is not sexist but then I find out this. I bet that Michelle is abused. She is a lot more timid then any other black woman I have ever seen. Please girl go on back to your mansion. Oh once the Republicans get Obama on all his crap we haven't found out about guess what once the Whitey tape comes out then Michelle Obama is going to be jobless. I am sure her law firm depends on Whiteys money to survive. They will be living under the bus they threw everyone under.

This is about a letter that was sent to auditor of the DNC. The woman is a financial manager and works for a hedge fund. This is a powerful letter which describes the way the caucuses were managed and how Obama's paid bloggers called Clinton supporters terrible names. She is right they were horrible. I guess Andy from the DNC wanted to know why she wasn't getting on board. She said that Obama has terrible judgement. It all boils down to this she said NO DEAL and I say good for her. Obama is an arrogant man who is only out for himself.

Monday, July 28, 2008

On Sunday Obama said that he favored Reparations in the form of education and business loans. Reparations for slavery that noone living was around for. Obama no white person is going to allow you to do this? They do not feel as though they should pay for something that they did not create. I was wondering if the dumb fool ever really goes into the ghettos and see the problems there. Perhaps we can work on family like increasing marriage. Perhaps we can stop the violence that is killing off young brothers at very high rates. Perhaps we can irricate crack from our neighborhoods.
Reparations are not going to work and I hope that since the Democrats have lost their minds that the Democrats will be in the minority this fall. That is where they deserve to be. They have no morals, no principals. They are rude and I am frankly getting tired of supporting the stupid Democrats who are big losers. This is why? Because noone is going to touch reparations.

This just proves to me that he doesn't believe in God. Its due to his Communist mother. I wonder why he has no respect for anything. He went to Isreal just to get the votes of Jewish Americans. Its just shameful.

This op ed was written by Cindy McCain the wife of Presidential Nominee. She talks about her experience in meeting women who were victims of the 1994 Genocide in that Country.
Cindy McCain runs a charity that sends medical doctors to war torn area.
The more I read about Cindy McCain the more I admire her. She is also very vocal about women in this article. I am proud of Cindy and if she is going to be our First Lady I feel as though she will do a fantastic job representing our Country.
I feel bad because I used to think she was a Barbie doll and she is not. I actually like her.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama broke his promise to the tiny village in Africa where his father was born. He promised to fiance the small school in the village but so far the school hasn't received a dime.
Obama broke another promise. Did this man ever hear of "my word is my bond" I guess not.
This is how he treats his family I can just imagine what he would do to the United States.

Obama the idiot says he wants a vice president who will do more then go to funerals. He says he doesn't want a yes sir man. He said Hillary is on the short list. I say pick someone else I do not want her any where near this loser. She is to smart to take that job knowing that she will be stuck doing all the work and his lazy ass will take all the credit. I say let someone else take that job. It doesn't seem anyone wants that doomed ticket.
Well as much as Hillary is my girl if she is the vice president I will still be voting for McCain. So Mr Dumbo ears listen up "I do not like you or your racist wife now if you insist on staying in the race then I am voting against you rather you have Hillary on your train wreck of a ticket or not I vote top of the ticket.
He also talks about how much he would love to have Bill Clinton campaign for him. This ain't going to happen so quit fantasizing about it. He hates you because you called him a racist and he hates you because you belittled his administration. The best administration in my lifetime. So Why should he campaign for you. He is also going to make sure his wife doesn't accept your VP position. To bad Obama you turned out to be an asshole you really robbed me of voting for an African American but your not the one.

This is a very interesting story about PUMA. They are using both names for PUMA , which I like since I tend to favor Party Unity My Ass. This talks about the group of protesters that showed up at Dean's little bus tour on Obama's bus.
This doesn't mention that we are seeking the VP for Hillary like a lot of people in the deluded Media believe. We do not want our leader to have any part of THAT MAN. We do not like Obama and his trip abroad didn't help him at all with us.

McCain is slamming Obama because he cancelled a trip to see the troops. Obama just wanted to use the event for a Photo opt. He got mad when the Pentagon refused to allow him to use the visit as a campaign visit. He could have gone just not used the press but of course why would such a lazy man want to do that. He needs to take every advantage. He and his racist wife needs to just go back to Illinois. I can picture Michelle after the Whitey tape comes out. She's going to lose her job. Come on I bet she works for Whites who are not going to like the fact that she hates Whites. I am looking forward to that. You see they could have played nice but they didn't so lets see how they survive this election

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is from someone who lives in Israel who wants Obama to leave the Holy Land because of his friends. They tell him that he must believe that Isreal must leave the Holy Land because of his friendship with Wright, Phiffer, and Farrakaun. They also do not want him to use their land as a photo op to win Jewish American voters. I am glad that he got called on this. I do not trust him when it comes to the Holy Land and Israel's needs. He seems more interested in the Arabs.

Howard Dean was speaking in Charlotte South Carolina when he was greeted by the Prowl of PUMAs. They shouted that they wanted Hillary's name placed in Nomination. He said he respects Senator Clinton. Yeah right Howard tell that to someone who hasn't watched this sham of a Primary. I am glad he is planning on coming to PA and I am hoping that he speaks in Pittsburgh because I will be there.
We PUMAs need to keep this up because the DNC is not going to strong arm Hillary from getting what she deserved. We are winning and we must all remember that Hillary told us to stay together. She is telling us not to fight among ourselves but to remain united.
Senator Clinton deserves to have her name placed in nomination. She deserves to allow her supporters speak for her nomination. She also needs to have the first ballot and also the second ballot. She deserves to preach her case to the Superdelegates. She deserves to fight this because if she were a man no one would have done this to her.

Senator John McCain is hitting Obama on the Iraq war and hitting him hard on Obama's stance on the war. Its hard for me to tell which stance on the war that he is talking about as Obama has had so many. First he said they need to come home now then he said that 16 months is the limit then he said as long as it takes then he said 16 months again. So pardon me if I am a tad bit confused.
McCain said that if Obama had his way that the entire middle east would be at war. That may be what Obama is planning to do since he loves to divide people. Obama was overseas pretending to be President of the United States instead of trying to win over the people who are actually going to vote for him he would prefer to go to where people love him already. I wish that Europe would keep him since they like him so much. Obummers a word of advise to you the American people are on this side of the ocean not across the water.

The MSM is ignoring the activities of Anti-Obama activists calling themselves PUMA(People United Means Action or Party Unity My Ass. The Hillary supporters who refuse to vote for Obama because of the unfair treatment Hillary Clinton got by the DNC and the Obama campaign. They are protesting Howard Dean and Donna Brizille as well as Harry Reid and the rest of the traitors who endorsed Obama.
I am a proud member of PUMA and have been since the beginning. We are spreading the word to people who do not use the Internet. Fox News is the only one to be covering PUMA from the beginning and they give us fair treatment.
PUMA is surging and Obama is tanking. He is losing the Blue states and tanking in the red states. We will keep fighting until someone hears us.
We demand that Hillary get a fair shake at the Convention. We want her name to be placed for nomination and that she receive the correct treatment.
The DNC has a chance either put Hillary's name in for nomination and if she wins that is the only way they are going to win the White House and both houses of congress. If they chose to either ignore Hillary or she is not the nominee anyone that voted for Obama will lose their seats and Obama will go back to the Senate.


I found this very true article on It talks about how the things that Hillary has been talking about all year her issues were the same things she believed in ever since she became First Lady. She has also been a victim of the Republican smear campaign. Everyone said she should never be elected to the Senate because if she did she would not get anything done because the Republicans will never work with her and she would never work with them. This turned out to not be true. The Republicans actually like her and find her likable but funny smart and quite willing to work with them.
Its a shame that the Obama campaign used the same smears against Hillary but I think that those smears will never again be used against Hillary no matter what party uses it.
I was privileged enough to meet and speak to Hillary and I was impressed. I admired her before I actually met her but now that I have met her I am impressed with how she grasps the issues. America has to many problems to put in the hands of an inexperienced man. Its time for the Supers to wake up and vote for Hillary before its to late. Down tickets remember your jobs if nothing else remember that you will lose your precious seat if they can't trust Obama what makes you think they are going to vote against you.

This is a story that the Obama campaign must read if they wish to win. Obama is acting like he already won. The sad fact is he never even won the Primary not really. He didn't capture enough votes to actually win the nomination. Hillary even won the Popular vote. Her victories up until the day they completely robbed her of her election were large victories. That should have sent smoke signals. Obama actually thinks he is going to beat McCain. The truth is his polls are terrible. The Country is pissed at Bush and this should be a Democrat year but it won't be a Democrat year because Obama is obnoxious and arrogant.
First of all the Republicans are going to unite around McCain but the Democrats are not going to unite around Obama and if he doesn't put some restraint on his young supporters he isn't going to even win one state. Obama has a lot of problems that he has to work out and his going overseas at this moment is horrible especially since he acted like a fool. He also violated the Logan act.

I was very impressed with this article. It shows me that Senator McCain is the much better choice for POTUS then Senator Obama. Obama would be using that as a Political photo op. That is really a stupid way to win the White House which is why unless Hillary is the nominee McCain will be 44 th. Obama has managed in insult most of this Country. He and his supporters act like this is a dictatorship and he is the dictator. Well Senator Obama you have to win the G.E and since you act like a dictatorship I think most people will feel comfortable voting for McCain.
Obama better pull his head out of the sand. He is way to lazy to be president. I never saw a lazier man in histroy. Obama the big baby go away little boy come back when you are an adult.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Los Angeles Times who are totally in the tank for Senator Obama reports that a lot of people are uneasy with Obama and he has lost his lead in two states Colorado and Minnesota. The Los Angeles Times reports these two states as swing states but they are usually Republican they go red more then blue.
McCain is campaigning heavily in New Jersey, which Republicans, hardly ever win. This is 20 years ago only worse. The Dem is losing all the key dem states.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama's campaign put Obama's signs up on the wall with people holding them. They had Obama's name in Hebrew.
This just proves to me that Obama is not ready to be president. He will end up getting us into more wars. He reminds me to much of George Bush. He is more of the same.

This is an excellent article. Cindy McCain is a very strong woman. I have been reading about her and she reminds me more of Hillary Clinton then any other woman running for now or ever ran before. She is an humanitarian and she is fearless.
This story is about Cindy McCain visiting Rwanda in 1994 setting up medical care. I respect this woman more and more every day.

This Article is very interested. It says that Obama lied on his bar application. He was arrested for drug possession. He also has several thousands dollars in fines for things like parking tickets.
I wonder what else Obama is hiding from this Country. I wonder what will come out of him next.

Chris Matthews the disgusting Anti Hillary punk was at it again. This time the big head freak was really talking rude to an McCain advisor because McCain has been reaching out for Hillary supporters. Well guess what Dumb big head punk, He is running for president and he is supposed to try to get people to vote for him.
How about you Chris? Isn't it time you admit that you are an obnoxious jerk who is such a sexist pig that you are now getting your ass beat by Fox. Come on Chris. Tell the truth. Will your leg shake and quiver when Obama is the biggest loser in history.
I will never watch Chris or that sexist MSNBC. I no longer watch Today and it is all NBC's fault for the sexist coverage of the Primary.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Senator Hillary Clinton spoke on the Senate floor about the high gas prices. Her speech was excellent and right on. Gas prices are ridiculous which results in higher prices for everyone even those who do not drive. Higher gas prices effects people who relay on public transportation or taxis both public and private.
I am proud of Hillary and it was sure great seeing her. I thought she was perfect and she knows her fact. She looks tired and I hope she is ok. She is one tough lady and I respect the hell out of her. She knows she fought a good battle and should be proud.
I hope she is proud of her supporters fighting back. We are never going to allow her to be treated the way she was treated. We have to fight for her like she fought for us. Its bigger then Hillary what happened to Hillary happened to all females of all races.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here's a link to a very offensive letter written by Donna Brizile a DNC traitor who was instrumental in stealing this election from Hillary.
Note to Donna we do not want to play nice with the DNC right now. We are angry at the selection of Senator Obama a man of low morals and character. I do not judge anyone on sex but on the types of friends they hang out with. I judge a man or woman by what kind of method used. Obama is a fraud who never won an election without cheating. I just want to know when Donna quits the DNC as she said. So this week we have had Donna, Nancy, Don and Alice writing us to tell us to stop trying to pick vp. Well Donna, I do not want Hillary to accept the vp to the very lazy man named Obama. By the way Donna are you a terrorist because Obama is. I am not talking about the Muslim type of terrorist he is more like the homegrown type like the KKK. I know this for a fact Miss Brizillenut because I have been a victim of his campaign techniques. His community group ACORN set a tree on my property and his campaign has paid kids to call me terrible names and to fight my kids. I have had his campaign take my Hillary sign down I made the bitch put it up. I was called a white whore. First I am not white they called me that because they saw my sign and assumed I was White. Perhaps I should sue you as well as Senator Obama.
I will never unite until Obama apologizes to Hillary and Bill. Fire his fund raiser the one that called Hillary a whore. I want him to man up and apologize to Bill Clinton. I want him to apologize
to Hillary supporters whom he called racist. I want him to apologize to Shelia Jackson Lee for the way he and his supporters treated her and continue to treat her. Well you told us to stay home in November. Fat chance I am voting and I am voting for McCain. I will be celebrating a completely red map in November. You robbed me out of my President and now its time I rob you from yours.

It seems that Obama cannot handle a little protest. This man thinks he is God he is not. I do not like him and I think he needs to be stopped now because he is really self important and he is going to either destroy this country with his incompence or he is going to cause a major war because he ticks someone off.


I found this very interesting article today. I do not know what children she is talking about. I worry about my children if Obama becomes president. He is a very dangerous man and I am not sure if he even knows half the things he is talking about.

This is a very good article and written by a black man. He says that Politicans get insulted all the time and to go ahead and pick on his ears. He is right every politican gets made fun of and Obama needs to stop being a big crybaby. He needs to man up.

Monday, July 21, 2008


MSNBC reported that Obama picked his VP and they implied it was Hillary. First of all I do not believe she would accept such a position. I do not care if he picks her as his VP or not I will spend every day working to make sure they lose. I will not vote for Obama/Clinton ticket I will not vote for Obama/some other woman I do not want Clinton on the bottom and since I feel as though Obama has some mental Health issues I will not vote for that man for anything.
Yes I blame him for the threats that I have received. I blame him because he should have contained his message. I have been an adult for 26 years. I have never been hit personally by any campaign. I was never attacked under a Republican and now the DNC chooses Mr Wacko and I get death threats and my tree set on fire.
Senator Obama do yourself a favor and pick someone else for your losing ticket. You have abused Hillary enough.


The News media faces charges that McCain is the victim of media bias because of all the networks covering Obama's overseas trip. I believe that the media is either being paid off by George Soros and the rest of the communists supporting Obama.
Hillary faced the same kind of Media bias. The Republican are always the victims of media bias that is the reason why Fox news exists. I will give Fox a lot of credit that they also gave Hillary a voice when the rest of the Media was so biased. That is why the only 24 hour news station this viewer watches is Fox.
Americans need to wake up and stop allowing the press to choose the President based on their own bias.
I want to know the truth about Obama and I want to hear it reported by the media. The news take a chance in not being taken seriously by people if they are perceived to be bias.
Tell me the truth I can make up my own mind.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Representative Shelia Jackson Lee who is a very loyal Hillary supporter was rudely booed at her rally by rude Obama supporters who refused to stop booing her or let her speak. They would instead yell Obama's name. This is a great way to build UNITY. The DNC, Obama, and Obama's cult members do not understand that in order to truly unite you have to stop doing this sort of stuff. Well they don't understand that. They think that we can be talked down too.
We are not going to fall into line. We have every right to donate our money to whomever we wish. Why should we help the Democratic Party who silenced us?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Murphy from is creating a list of any PUMA's who have received death threats or had incidents. I am on this list as Sugar of PA.
I live in a neighborhood that is poor and predominately African American. The Obama campaign has staked out my neighborhood since the PA Primary. I live in Allegheny County-- the Democratic Nominee must win Allegheny County and Philadelphia if they wish to win the state of PA. The Obama campaign used very dirty tactics for which I seemed to be a target. Why? Because I was backing Hillary Clinton. I was called names and had these volunteers coming onto my property and taking down my Hillary sign. I made her put my sign back up.
On June 3, 2008 I put a PUMA sign up on my front door. I also put an nobama sign up. The entire neighborhood knew I was not going to vote for Obama {Most told me I would be stupid to vote for the man who spent weeks trying to terrorize me.}.
Two weeks later as PUMA began to gain attention the Campaign began bothering me again. I received an email and then the phone calls started.
One evening I received a phone call another death threat and then shortly after my son came in and yelled fire. Someone set my tree on fire. The fire department said the fire was arson.
I do not know if Senator Obama realizes that his followers are giving death threats to all sorts of people. I do not know if Senator Obama realizes that he needs to keep his cultists under control. I am not afraid of Death Threats I have faced several in my life including some of my own making. I also battled cancer and I am in the middle of battling Obesity. These threats only make me more determined to stop this man he is dangerous and I am not afraid.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OBAMA SCRUBS SITE REMOVING CRITISM OF HIS FLIP FLOP ON THE WAR Obama closed down his site for several hours yesterday. The site said they were closed for maintenance problems. He actually cleaned the site to remove all criticism of the war.

DOWN TICKETS DEMS ARE MIFFED AT OBAMA This is a pretty good story but they do try to blame Hillary for Obama's problems just like during the Primary. That is why I hate her campaigning for him. He is never satisfied.
They say he is busy raising money for her campaign and she has been doing the same for him.
Its time to wake up Super delagates or you will have a disaster in November.
There is only one choice and that choice is Senator Clinton.

I guess the Superdelegates are getting nervous. The Obama campaign these Supers feel are ignoring down ticket Democrats. Obama seems to be having a tough month now that Hillary has suspended her race. He now has no one to blame. He cannot blame Hillary for all his problems when she is officially out of the race.
Come on Supers do your jobs and elect the true nominee and save this party from imploding.

Hillary recieved a standing ovation while speaking to the teacher's union.
I loved the picture of there and plan on putting that pic on my page.

Monday, July 14, 2008


We all know that Obama is having problems getting Hillary supporters thanks to PUMA. However, he is now having problems with his own base. He is having problems with the progressives. They are angry that he actually voted yes for FISA and to stopping the filibuster.
They are angry because he was against FISA, which is the wiretapping law. They are protesting loudly over 20,000 of them protesting on his own site. was off due to maintenance Wonder if it is being scrubbed clean.
All this is good news for the Hillary supporter who thinks she should be the democratic nominee. Perhaps she will end up the Nominee after all.
Besides I never rule out Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HILLARY'S NAME WILL BE ON THE ROLL CALL and several other groups made so many calls to the DNC today to make sure that Hillary's name is on the Roll Call. I called myself today and was told that Hillary was on the first ballot and would remain so that the removal of her name was only a rumor.
This is a great victory for PUMA and Hillary Clinton.
We must get her name on the ballot. She deserves it and no one would even think of taking her name off the ballot if she were a he. Well it's time that the Media and the DNC and the Democratic Selectee realize that Women make most of the marketing decisions calls and boycotts of products can lead to the loss of your jobs if the advertisers blame you. To the DNC women make up a large portion of your volunteers and your fundraisers. You treated us with such disdain by allowing people like Obama, Oprah, Michelle, Donna, and Kerry and others trash Hillary and Bill. You allowed these same people to use sexism to effect this election. You had the responsibility of curbing Senator Obama. You certainly curbed Senator Clinton even for things that were blown completely out of control.
To Senator Obama you will find out what happens when you belittle women. You will watch Oprah lose money because she backed you and worst yet she silenced Hillary. You will watch your wife destroyed by sexism and we will remain silent. We will not stick up for her and we do not much care to hear your belly aching. Since you managed to tick off-- blue collar workers, Hispanics, Asians, Jewish, black Hillary supporters, poor whites, whites that did not vote for you, the right wing of the party. What did you think was going to happen.
Now they say PUMAs are Republicans. PUMA may have people who switched party affiliations so I will say they were loyal Dems until May 31, 2008 the day that will always be known by me by the great theft of 2008. That was the day the Florida and Michigan fiasco was solved. The day we found out the Democrats know how to fix elections too.
Do you hear the roar of the PUMAs now


Senator Obama voted with most of the Republicans for the Federal wire tapping law that allows the government to listen into your private telephone calls.
Senator Obama ran on being a change from usual politics. Well I guess he is right. I have never seen any politican swing between Ultra Left and Ultra Right. He doesn't have a middle.
Obama has proven once again that he is just another Politican.


Hillary needs us to help her retire her debt. Lets send her to the convention without debt. Let's also keep her out of the hands of Obama and his band of thieves.
Hillary would prefer to pay off her vendors before she pays herself off. She considers that an investment. Please donate to Hillary and help her pay off her debt.
Hillary released the winner of the t shirt contest. It was the one I picked. It is $50 if you make a contribution to her campaign.
She will be forced to campaign for Obama if she is still in debt. I have donated to her. I can get you the links if you do not have them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As a member of PUMA I am often asked why I am going to vote for McCain who is different then Hillary and I say this. "No one in the Democratic Party spoke up for Hillary as she was compared to a nagging wife. She has been told things like "Hillary is pimping out Chelsea." During January 31, debate Wolf could only comment on the "sexual tension" between the two candidates. They have shown her with a raised skirt that revealed she had a penis, she was told to shut up. They counted her out and declared her "dead". They called her husband racist. They told us he was a horrible president. This was ignored by the Party.
I watched as Obama and his campaign made one sexist remark to Hillary after another. He shot her the bird. He snubbed her in the Senate. He played "I have 99 reasons and a bitch ain't one." His wife made sexist remarks as did everyone of his supporters. The Party leaders not only did nothing they helped in this terrible injustice.
I am sorry but I will not just forgive no one fought for Hillary and her supporters tried to help her and we were attacked. We were called racist and b**ches. We were told that we were uneducated and poor. We were told we were bitter and bigots. Entire states were insulted.
Well we are angry now and now we are going to fight for Hillary. We will work to erase her debt so she doesn't have to relay on Obama. We do not want her campaigning for him because he doesn't deserve her. He treated her bad and as far as I am concerned I never want to hear him say "Hillary Clinton is my friend." Perhaps Obama needs to learn what a friend is before he declares himself one.
It's time for us to fight for Hillary because she has spent her entire life fighting for us.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Dear Senator Hillary Clinton: I am a loyal supporter who has followed your career. I want you to know that I am very proud to be your supporter. You have proven once again that you can handle anything with grace. My admiration for you has only grown.
Senator Clinton I am not alone. There are 18 million people here in the United States that miss you and your solutions for America. We miss your smile and your laugh. We miss the way you spend hours listening to us. You never told us we were not important. You didn't care if we were rich or poor. I will always remember actually shaking your hand in Pittsburgh PA. That was a moment I will never forget. I know that you will run for president again and you will win.
After this year Senator Clinton no one in this Country will ever make fun of you again. They will not say how much people dislike you because Senator Clinton we will never allow them to lie to the American people again. We will never allow them to use the sexist practices that occurred during 2008. They will know you are loved because 18 million people are angry at the injustice you suffered. We love you and miss you because Senator Clinton unlike your former Democratic rival you are real and you understand life. I am sorry Senator Clinton that I cannot in good conscience vote for Senator Obama as I find him to be another George Bush. I cannot take the chance that his experience is going to cause this great Country problems. I will vote for McCain because at least I know the Republicans care about this Country . It's obvious that the Democrats do not care about the United States anymore.
Sincerely an admirer who will support you forever for POTUS.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Why are Hillary supporters so angry the MSM pundits ask themselves and their listeners. They say we are disappointed that Hillary lost and that we will settle down and support Obama. They say we have to worry about Roe vs Wade and that Obama is better for women. They did not listen to us during the Primaries where we watched in horror as our Leader endured sexist attacks by the MSM, The DNC, and Hillary's democratic Opponent. We watched in horror as they tried to force her out of the race. They told everyone who would listen that noone liked Hillary or that only uneducated people supported Hillary. We watched in horror as Network News anchors tried to destroy Hillary's career and all hopes of being POTUS. We Watched in horror when the rules committee stole delagates from Hillary and gave them to Obama even though he wasn't on the ballot in Michigan. We watched in horror as Super delagate after Super Delagate took bribes and took our voice away.
I remember the emails I got during the Primary by Donna Brizille when she told the base of the Democratic Party to stay home. I do not know why anyone would stay home during an election sorry Donna I will vote, campaign for and donate money to McCain. I will do whatever I need to do to help him defeat Obama.
I think that in November when the polls close and its discovered that Republicans now hold a slight lead in the Senate and the House has a big lead. Obama will be embarrassed by a 50 state loss all thanks to angry Hillary supporters. I can see the Republicans treating her like a Republican and the Democrats who are scared now because they know they are in trouble. They know that Hillary will not go easy on them. Hillay then can go about the business of getting elected the 45th president of the United States.
Its not a good idea to tick off Hillary as the Democratic base tends to vote for the party that is nicest to Hillary. Hillary I am proud of you. I know you will be the first female President.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am not the type of person to have heros or heroines. That all changed on January 27,1992. It was Superbowl Sunday and I was at work. I wasn't interested in the SuperBowl the Steelers were not playing. I remember seeing an ad for 60 minutes--it said that Bill and Hillary Clinton would be speaking in an interview about Jennifer Flowers. I did not have any clue who Bill and Hillary were. A client told me that Bill was running for President. I asked her was he democrat or republican and she told me Democrat. I laughed and told her that I wasn't paying attention because I just had a baby and she was taking all my attention.
I watched that interview but I could only pay attention to Hillary. It was like I knew she would become President one day. I knew it but I didn't know how I knew it. I even knew she would run against a black man and it was because of this black man that she would become president. I remember laughting and thinking that the Democrats will never be so stupid as to let the first black man and the first woman run against each other. I thought they would have more brains then that. This really made me began to follow her. I really liked her spunk. I really liked the fact that she was who she was and she was not going to change for anyone.
Bill became President and I watched as Ken Starr and the Republicans tried to indict her and they put Susan McDougal in prison. I watched her go through rough times and people were being so mean to her. She never let them kill her spirit. She just got stronger and stronger. I was with her during the Monica Lewinsky scandle and was proud of the strenght she had. I knew back in 94 and 95 that Hillary had suceeded and become my Heroine.
Obama may have lots of money but Hillary has the loyality of millions of people who she inspired over the years. She is going to be POTUS.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I have supported Senator Clinton since I first saw her on tv. I mean the first time I laid eyes on her I knew she was POTUS. I have not changed my mind. I am very proud of Senator Clinton she has proven to everyone that she will become POTUS rather or not she becomes POTUS in 2008 or 2012. I know that even though she was the victim of sexism-- she did not play the gender card. Her Opponent on the other hand played the race card.
I would have chosen Obama as my second choice because I was proud of both Hillary and Obama until January of 2008 when Obama began to play the Race card. He did that to not only cost her the black vote in the Primary but to prevent them from voting for her in November. He began to paint both Hillary and Bill as racist. This ticked me off because as an African American woman I couldn't figure out what was racist. I couldn't find anything racist. That was when I decided I would either vote Republican or stay home in November if Hillary were not the Nominee I am now only proud of one of the candidate--Senator Hillary Clinton.
I also watched as both her white supporters and her African American supporters were called either racist or Uncle Toms. I witnesses Obama and his staff ridicule Hillary and her supporters. I witnessed Obama's paid bloggers insult us and call her very nasty names.
I think that Obama is an liar and I think he is divisive. I think its time for the Americans to just say no deal to Obama.
I am going to proudly cast my vote for someone I know is a good man even though I do not agree with him on a lot of issues.


This Blog is created to show my support for the Jr. Senator from New York. I am not going to unify with the Democratic Selectee and am a proud member of PUMA. I have created this blog for one purpose and that is to help Senator Clinton become President. If she is not going to win this year then we will focus on 2012. That would mean that this blog will support Senator McCain in 2008. This blog is not a UNITY site so please take your pleas for Unity somewhere else.