Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As a member of PUMA I am often asked why I am going to vote for McCain who is different then Hillary and I say this. "No one in the Democratic Party spoke up for Hillary as she was compared to a nagging wife. She has been told things like "Hillary is pimping out Chelsea." During January 31, debate Wolf could only comment on the "sexual tension" between the two candidates. They have shown her with a raised skirt that revealed she had a penis, she was told to shut up. They counted her out and declared her "dead". They called her husband racist. They told us he was a horrible president. This was ignored by the Party.
I watched as Obama and his campaign made one sexist remark to Hillary after another. He shot her the bird. He snubbed her in the Senate. He played "I have 99 reasons and a bitch ain't one." His wife made sexist remarks as did everyone of his supporters. The Party leaders not only did nothing they helped in this terrible injustice.
I am sorry but I will not just forgive no one fought for Hillary and her supporters tried to help her and we were attacked. We were called racist and b**ches. We were told that we were uneducated and poor. We were told we were bitter and bigots. Entire states were insulted.
Well we are angry now and now we are going to fight for Hillary. We will work to erase her debt so she doesn't have to relay on Obama. We do not want her campaigning for him because he doesn't deserve her. He treated her bad and as far as I am concerned I never want to hear him say "Hillary Clinton is my friend." Perhaps Obama needs to learn what a friend is before he declares himself one.
It's time for us to fight for Hillary because she has spent her entire life fighting for us.

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