Saturday, July 26, 2008

Senator John McCain is hitting Obama on the Iraq war and hitting him hard on Obama's stance on the war. Its hard for me to tell which stance on the war that he is talking about as Obama has had so many. First he said they need to come home now then he said that 16 months is the limit then he said as long as it takes then he said 16 months again. So pardon me if I am a tad bit confused.
McCain said that if Obama had his way that the entire middle east would be at war. That may be what Obama is planning to do since he loves to divide people. Obama was overseas pretending to be President of the United States instead of trying to win over the people who are actually going to vote for him he would prefer to go to where people love him already. I wish that Europe would keep him since they like him so much. Obummers a word of advise to you the American people are on this side of the ocean not across the water.

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