Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama the idiot says he wants a vice president who will do more then go to funerals. He says he doesn't want a yes sir man. He said Hillary is on the short list. I say pick someone else I do not want her any where near this loser. She is to smart to take that job knowing that she will be stuck doing all the work and his lazy ass will take all the credit. I say let someone else take that job. It doesn't seem anyone wants that doomed ticket.
Well as much as Hillary is my girl if she is the vice president I will still be voting for McCain. So Mr Dumbo ears listen up "I do not like you or your racist wife now if you insist on staying in the race then I am voting against you rather you have Hillary on your train wreck of a ticket or not I vote top of the ticket.
He also talks about how much he would love to have Bill Clinton campaign for him. This ain't going to happen so quit fantasizing about it. He hates you because you called him a racist and he hates you because you belittled his administration. The best administration in my lifetime. So Why should he campaign for you. He is also going to make sure his wife doesn't accept your VP position. To bad Obama you turned out to be an asshole you really robbed me of voting for an African American but your not the one.

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