Monday, July 28, 2008

On Sunday Obama said that he favored Reparations in the form of education and business loans. Reparations for slavery that noone living was around for. Obama no white person is going to allow you to do this? They do not feel as though they should pay for something that they did not create. I was wondering if the dumb fool ever really goes into the ghettos and see the problems there. Perhaps we can work on family like increasing marriage. Perhaps we can stop the violence that is killing off young brothers at very high rates. Perhaps we can irricate crack from our neighborhoods.
Reparations are not going to work and I hope that since the Democrats have lost their minds that the Democrats will be in the minority this fall. That is where they deserve to be. They have no morals, no principals. They are rude and I am frankly getting tired of supporting the stupid Democrats who are big losers. This is why? Because noone is going to touch reparations.

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