Saturday, July 26, 2008


I found this very true article on It talks about how the things that Hillary has been talking about all year her issues were the same things she believed in ever since she became First Lady. She has also been a victim of the Republican smear campaign. Everyone said she should never be elected to the Senate because if she did she would not get anything done because the Republicans will never work with her and she would never work with them. This turned out to not be true. The Republicans actually like her and find her likable but funny smart and quite willing to work with them.
Its a shame that the Obama campaign used the same smears against Hillary but I think that those smears will never again be used against Hillary no matter what party uses it.
I was privileged enough to meet and speak to Hillary and I was impressed. I admired her before I actually met her but now that I have met her I am impressed with how she grasps the issues. America has to many problems to put in the hands of an inexperienced man. Its time for the Supers to wake up and vote for Hillary before its to late. Down tickets remember your jobs if nothing else remember that you will lose your precious seat if they can't trust Obama what makes you think they are going to vote against you.

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