Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Dear Senator Hillary Clinton: I am a loyal supporter who has followed your career. I want you to know that I am very proud to be your supporter. You have proven once again that you can handle anything with grace. My admiration for you has only grown.
Senator Clinton I am not alone. There are 18 million people here in the United States that miss you and your solutions for America. We miss your smile and your laugh. We miss the way you spend hours listening to us. You never told us we were not important. You didn't care if we were rich or poor. I will always remember actually shaking your hand in Pittsburgh PA. That was a moment I will never forget. I know that you will run for president again and you will win.
After this year Senator Clinton no one in this Country will ever make fun of you again. They will not say how much people dislike you because Senator Clinton we will never allow them to lie to the American people again. We will never allow them to use the sexist practices that occurred during 2008. They will know you are loved because 18 million people are angry at the injustice you suffered. We love you and miss you because Senator Clinton unlike your former Democratic rival you are real and you understand life. I am sorry Senator Clinton that I cannot in good conscience vote for Senator Obama as I find him to be another George Bush. I cannot take the chance that his experience is going to cause this great Country problems. I will vote for McCain because at least I know the Republicans care about this Country . It's obvious that the Democrats do not care about the United States anymore.
Sincerely an admirer who will support you forever for POTUS.

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