Monday, July 7, 2008


Why are Hillary supporters so angry the MSM pundits ask themselves and their listeners. They say we are disappointed that Hillary lost and that we will settle down and support Obama. They say we have to worry about Roe vs Wade and that Obama is better for women. They did not listen to us during the Primaries where we watched in horror as our Leader endured sexist attacks by the MSM, The DNC, and Hillary's democratic Opponent. We watched in horror as they tried to force her out of the race. They told everyone who would listen that noone liked Hillary or that only uneducated people supported Hillary. We watched in horror as Network News anchors tried to destroy Hillary's career and all hopes of being POTUS. We Watched in horror when the rules committee stole delagates from Hillary and gave them to Obama even though he wasn't on the ballot in Michigan. We watched in horror as Super delagate after Super Delagate took bribes and took our voice away.
I remember the emails I got during the Primary by Donna Brizille when she told the base of the Democratic Party to stay home. I do not know why anyone would stay home during an election sorry Donna I will vote, campaign for and donate money to McCain. I will do whatever I need to do to help him defeat Obama.
I think that in November when the polls close and its discovered that Republicans now hold a slight lead in the Senate and the House has a big lead. Obama will be embarrassed by a 50 state loss all thanks to angry Hillary supporters. I can see the Republicans treating her like a Republican and the Democrats who are scared now because they know they are in trouble. They know that Hillary will not go easy on them. Hillay then can go about the business of getting elected the 45th president of the United States.
Its not a good idea to tick off Hillary as the Democratic base tends to vote for the party that is nicest to Hillary. Hillary I am proud of you. I know you will be the first female President.

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