Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am not the type of person to have heros or heroines. That all changed on January 27,1992. It was Superbowl Sunday and I was at work. I wasn't interested in the SuperBowl the Steelers were not playing. I remember seeing an ad for 60 minutes--it said that Bill and Hillary Clinton would be speaking in an interview about Jennifer Flowers. I did not have any clue who Bill and Hillary were. A client told me that Bill was running for President. I asked her was he democrat or republican and she told me Democrat. I laughed and told her that I wasn't paying attention because I just had a baby and she was taking all my attention.
I watched that interview but I could only pay attention to Hillary. It was like I knew she would become President one day. I knew it but I didn't know how I knew it. I even knew she would run against a black man and it was because of this black man that she would become president. I remember laughting and thinking that the Democrats will never be so stupid as to let the first black man and the first woman run against each other. I thought they would have more brains then that. This really made me began to follow her. I really liked her spunk. I really liked the fact that she was who she was and she was not going to change for anyone.
Bill became President and I watched as Ken Starr and the Republicans tried to indict her and they put Susan McDougal in prison. I watched her go through rough times and people were being so mean to her. She never let them kill her spirit. She just got stronger and stronger. I was with her during the Monica Lewinsky scandle and was proud of the strenght she had. I knew back in 94 and 95 that Hillary had suceeded and become my Heroine.
Obama may have lots of money but Hillary has the loyality of millions of people who she inspired over the years. She is going to be POTUS.

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