Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here's a link to a very offensive letter written by Donna Brizile a DNC traitor who was instrumental in stealing this election from Hillary.http://www.caglepost.com/column/Donna+Brazile/7091/Note+To+Hils+Holdouts+Its+Time+To+Unify+As+One+Democratic+Party.html
Note to Donna we do not want to play nice with the DNC right now. We are angry at the selection of Senator Obama a man of low morals and character. I do not judge anyone on sex but on the types of friends they hang out with. I judge a man or woman by what kind of method used. Obama is a fraud who never won an election without cheating. I just want to know when Donna quits the DNC as she said. So this week we have had Donna, Nancy, Don and Alice writing us to tell us to stop trying to pick vp. Well Donna, I do not want Hillary to accept the vp to the very lazy man named Obama. By the way Donna are you a terrorist because Obama is. I am not talking about the Muslim type of terrorist he is more like the homegrown type like the KKK. I know this for a fact Miss Brizillenut because I have been a victim of his campaign techniques. His community group ACORN set a tree on my property and his campaign has paid kids to call me terrible names and to fight my kids. I have had his campaign take my Hillary sign down I made the bitch put it up. I was called a white whore. First I am not white they called me that because they saw my sign and assumed I was White. Perhaps I should sue you as well as Senator Obama.
I will never unite until Obama apologizes to Hillary and Bill. Fire his fund raiser the one that called Hillary a whore. I want him to man up and apologize to Bill Clinton. I want him to apologize
to Hillary supporters whom he called racist. I want him to apologize to Shelia Jackson Lee for the way he and his supporters treated her and continue to treat her. Well you told us to stay home in November. Fat chance I am voting and I am voting for McCain. I will be celebrating a completely red map in November. You robbed me out of my President and now its time I rob you from yours.

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