Monday, July 21, 2008


The News media faces charges that McCain is the victim of media bias because of all the networks covering Obama's overseas trip. I believe that the media is either being paid off by George Soros and the rest of the communists supporting Obama.
Hillary faced the same kind of Media bias. The Republican are always the victims of media bias that is the reason why Fox news exists. I will give Fox a lot of credit that they also gave Hillary a voice when the rest of the Media was so biased. That is why the only 24 hour news station this viewer watches is Fox.
Americans need to wake up and stop allowing the press to choose the President based on their own bias.
I want to know the truth about Obama and I want to hear it reported by the media. The news take a chance in not being taken seriously by people if they are perceived to be bias.
Tell me the truth I can make up my own mind.

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