Thursday, July 10, 2008

HILLARY'S NAME WILL BE ON THE ROLL CALL and several other groups made so many calls to the DNC today to make sure that Hillary's name is on the Roll Call. I called myself today and was told that Hillary was on the first ballot and would remain so that the removal of her name was only a rumor.
This is a great victory for PUMA and Hillary Clinton.
We must get her name on the ballot. She deserves it and no one would even think of taking her name off the ballot if she were a he. Well it's time that the Media and the DNC and the Democratic Selectee realize that Women make most of the marketing decisions calls and boycotts of products can lead to the loss of your jobs if the advertisers blame you. To the DNC women make up a large portion of your volunteers and your fundraisers. You treated us with such disdain by allowing people like Obama, Oprah, Michelle, Donna, and Kerry and others trash Hillary and Bill. You allowed these same people to use sexism to effect this election. You had the responsibility of curbing Senator Obama. You certainly curbed Senator Clinton even for things that were blown completely out of control.
To Senator Obama you will find out what happens when you belittle women. You will watch Oprah lose money because she backed you and worst yet she silenced Hillary. You will watch your wife destroyed by sexism and we will remain silent. We will not stick up for her and we do not much care to hear your belly aching. Since you managed to tick off-- blue collar workers, Hispanics, Asians, Jewish, black Hillary supporters, poor whites, whites that did not vote for you, the right wing of the party. What did you think was going to happen.
Now they say PUMAs are Republicans. PUMA may have people who switched party affiliations so I will say they were loyal Dems until May 31, 2008 the day that will always be known by me by the great theft of 2008. That was the day the Florida and Michigan fiasco was solved. The day we found out the Democrats know how to fix elections too.
Do you hear the roar of the PUMAs now

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