Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain surprised the Democrats by suspending his campaign to deal with the economic troubles while Obama was still on the trail trying to be king of the World or what ever childhood fantasies he is trying to live out. Oh yeah and of course he had to prepare for the debate that he went on to LOSE. It was important for him to study. It was Hillary's fault oh I mean Sarah's fault no I mean it's all John's fault the mean man wanted to actually do his job as a Senator. Obama forgets that he to is a Senator since he only served 143 days before he ran for President.
The Democrats try to sneak a bill passed in a so called back room deal that House Republicans did not get a chance to even see. McCain was also not involved and as a leader in the Senate he should have been involved. McCain stopped that foolishness by suspending his campaign and dealing with the issue that is an emergency. John opposes this bill because he does not like pork. He complained about a bill that costs billions because of pork. This bill would have been passed to our children and grandchildren. This is what the two groups with the lowest approval rating in history the Democratic Congress and the Republican White House.
McCain proved to be a leader that is ready to respond. This was the 3 am call that Hillary talked about in her ad and Obama was not prepared he needed to be called off the trail by President Bush and reminded that he is an United States Senator.
ACORN was a big beneficiary of this pork laden bill that the Democrats tried to push down the throats of the American people. They were going to be given millions for housing. Pork we need to deal with this problem without pork.

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