Monday, September 8, 2008


Now I am being emailed from women telling me that Sarah is not good for women because she doesn't believe in choice. This deluded woman said that Sarah doesn't believe in contraception or her daughter would not be pregnant. Well guess what she does believe in contraceptives. Also her daughter's pregnancy is her daughter's fault not Sarah. That is extremely sexist when no one blames Jamie Lee Spears pregnancy on her mother. It's stupid.
I chose to vote for the candidate on rather or not they are sexist. Never mind that Obama laughed at women who asked that he put women in his cabinet and on his ticket. He laughed at them and I am going to vote for the man who chose to listen to women and put a woman on the ticket.
I don't give a crap if either candidate is green. I do not care that one talks a good game but is the biggest sexist pig there is. I am supposed to vote for this sexist piece of crap because he is pro choice--never mind that he feels a woman should get permission from men in their lives. He also pays his female staffers less then he pays his male staffers. McCain pays his female staffers more then he pays his male staffers. I think I prefer the man of fewer words and more actions then a lot of words that mean nothing to him.

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