Monday, September 1, 2008


The Obots are back in school sucking their thumbs while their parents go broke. Now I got a comment that I didn't print because sometimes I do not want to see paid Obot bloggers get their share. I do not permit sexism here on this blog.
The Obots new thing is to come to our blogs and say they are former Hillary supporters but they say things like you must not believe in the things Hillary taught me lol. Hillary has done a lot of things lol but she has not taught me what to think of. She is a Politician not a cult leader. She doesn't pretend to be. Hillary supporters can think of their own. I will tell you this I do not think with my uterus but I disagree with Obama on the born alive law. I so disagree with that law that I put that law over Roe Vs. Wade a dead issue anyway. They tell me that McCain is more of the same. I can read and I have done my research. I am not afraid of a President McCain.
They tell me I must have never supported Hillary but I worked damn hard for her even taking a leave of absence from work to make calls or travel for her. I also donated the max to her campaign but I did not support her.
They are attacking in pairs I see lol. Well bring it on baby. Maybe if I am feeling like you should be paid then I will publish your comments. It would be best if you tried being nice but the Obots have no idea how to do that.
Your going to find out in November what it feels like to lose. You are going to be stunned while I will be celebrating.
There will be no attacks of Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, or Cindy McCain here. There will be no sexism allowed on the blog. I know your Master didn't teach you how not to be sexist but you are not being paid if I don't publish your propaganda.
Also I am voting for the only true nominee in the race the other one is the Selectee. Nothing more and nothing less. He must go back to Chicago with the rest of the thugs.

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