Monday, September 1, 2008

This article amused me. I am sorry but I despise this woman and the rest of the DNC hijackers. Hey Donna how did it feel? I hope your eyes are still bothering you. It is what you deserve for all the crap you did during this election.
Hey Donna just to let you know lol Good Job uniting me with the Republicans. They thank you for it. Now we are blogging together to make you man lose. I hope you have fun in the Losers club in November. You and your hateful self. Your a racist and when something bad happens to you like you getting pepper sprayed that is what you deserve. How does it feel knowing that your a racist like Obama. Your also Anti American. I think it is time you were fired from CNN for being racist. How would you like that? Steal another election. How is it going to feel when you see this Country turn bright red. We are going to be watching the polls Donna your idiot of a candidate is going to have to win one.

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