Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Howard Dean and the DNC are threatening Hillary Delegates again. They are being threatened if they are still in Pro Hillary groups. This is terrible. Hillary is being treated like dirt again. How many times are we going to allow these crooks to steal the party and disrespect one of the few winners they have.
Bill Clinton knows that Unlimited Ears cannot win. Everyone knows that now. I knew this from the very beginning of the year. The Caucauses were a big rip off and the winner of the Caucuses and the winner of the Primaries were two different people.
It is time we take our Party back and kick these Left wing wackos out of our party. We may have to clean the Ultra Left wing out of our Party.

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FreeMeNow said...

Thank you for posting and passing this info around - together we can and will take our party back and save this country - iti s our duty to do so and it warms my heart to see so many folks working agains this Chicago machine and against all odds to get er done. We will because we must and becasue we have not given up - we will succeed! Thank you patriot!
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