Friday, September 5, 2008

This article is about very rich Muslims from Saudi Arabia paid for Obama to attend Harvard. Are these the men who are also supporting him besides forigner George Soros. Why does the MSM continue to ignore issues like this when they seem intent on focusing on Bristol Palin being pregnaut and rather or not Sarah or her daughter gave birth to little Trig. You would have to be one dumb person to think that a 16 year old gave birth to a baby with Downs. Come on people give me a break. The MSM is going to focus on Sarah to keep their boy crush popular. They always do that for the Democrat then the Republicans attack and they have no choice but to cover it. Why do you think there is a FOX news.
The media doesn't care if this bozo is dangerous for this Country. They have their boy crush. I am sick of the media especially CNN and MSNBC.

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