Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Press, the Democratic Party, and the feminsts are now saying that Sarah Palin cannot be Vice President because she has to many children. She has five children including one with Downs Syndrome. This is the biggest crock of bull that I have heard in a long time. What is wrong with people. The feminists never spoke up at the sexism that Hillary Clinton endured during the Primary because Hillary's abuser was a fellow Democrat so they couldn't take a chance in pissing off the Democrats even a sexist one. They were quiet with Hillary I know they will never defend Sarah because she is a gasp Republican and one who is Pro Life. That is her choice to believe whatever she chooses and that still means when sexist remarks are made about her that the woman's movement defend her.
This blog and several PUMAS will defend Sarah Palin like we defended Hillary Clinton.
Sarah I am proud of you girl Keep your head up.

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