Thursday, September 4, 2008


Senator John McCain became the official nominee today in Twin Cities, Minnosota. He came out on stage to give support to his vice President Sarah Palin after she spoke at the Republican nomination. I cannot believe I am watching the Republican National Convention and I only heard Hillary speak at the Democratic Nomination. The Obots are scared man the Obots are all over the place. Now I am a sexist. First I am racist and now I am sexist because he is a black man that is why this African American woman is doing. Yeah Obama right. Insult people then expect them to vote for you. Good way to unite the party.
McCain is going to win because he managed to listen to two very diverse groups of people and managed to please both. He picked a Conservative woman and now he has a United Party and he has Obama's base. Its not his race its his sexism and his racism.
Obots save your breath. I am not drinking the kool aide please go some where else.

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