Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama was giving an interview to George Stenopolis when he said that McCain did not talk about "MY Muslim faith." George corrected him and of course Obama tried too play this off. We found the school records that revealed that he was indeed Muslim. We heard the interviews from people who said "Barry was a very religious Muslim." That would explain his not having any respect for women. That would explain why Obama thinks that women should receive advice from the males in their lives before they have an abortion. That also explains why his campaign felt the desire to laugh at Hillary supporters when they asked for a woman on the bottom of the ticket. He thought it was so funny. The unqualified boob doesn't think women are qualified. Well I think it is time women sent a message to both Parties that sexism is not going to exist anymore in Politics. We want to see women in Politics that are equal to their numbers.
His Muslim faith wouldn't have bothered me if he had been honest with me. Now I wonder why he chooses to lie about it. He just doesn't get America.

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