Monday, September 22, 2008

The media is at it again. This time they are making up white racists. I guess that they think that since they tried to shove George W. Bush down our throats for the second time that they can force us or guilt trip us into voting for this fraud.
There are I am sure White Racists as there are Black Racists. I just do not think it is a good idea to say that because a certain amount of white people back the White Candidate and not point 0ut that 90% of all black people intend to vote for Obama. That is also racist. How come the double standard. I am a black female and very proud of my race yet I voted for Hillary and now I am voting for McCain. I do not like Obama and he never once told me what he would do for the inner city. I am a Resident of the ghetto and as such we have problems here that we want addressed. I am not so sure Obama cares about the inner city as he feels that black people are the only ones who live here which they are not. This is one black woman from the ghetto who wants to hear what both candidates have to say about the situation. McCain listened but Obama just continues to ignore this issue.

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