Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama has ties to another slumlord Patron. He was supposed to represent the people that live in the slums when when he was a state Senator. Well he did a terrible job. He was so bad that in 2004 they backed Alan Keys. I wonder how many people who lived in the apartments by all of Obama's slumlord friends are planning to vote for him for POTUS.
Obama doesn't care about black people. He didn't care for them as their Senator and he is not going to care when he is President. One reason I am not voting for him is because he refuses to discuss issues important to African Americans. I would not allow a white candidate to get away with that why would I let a black man get away from it. We have to many problems to allow anyone to take our issues for granted. Course Obama doesn't know anything about issues.
Over and over again Obama proves that he lacks the judgement to be President.

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