Monday, September 1, 2008

Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant Sarah Palin announced to the press. To me this is such a non issue. I was a teenage mother and my son was a teenage father. When you are a teenager and you have a baby it grows you up. Bristol is planning to marry the baby's father and I wish the young couple luck.
I find it disgusting that Obama and the press are even going there. Would they say anything if he were a man. This just proves that the DNC and Obama doesn't give a damn about women. we are expected to just get over it. I bet you they will hear us in November. Oh they will listen then but then it will be to late for Obama. The DNC will have to pay a price besides just the White House. We are organized now and we are every race and both genders. We are gay and straight; Conservative and Liberal. We are many. The Republicans are not being sexist. They offer us sympathy but they are listening. McCain made a choice to put Sarah on the ticket even though he knew that her daughter was pregnant and that it was a non issue. He was right.


Dan said...

Wow Nice to hear such comments comming from a Hillary supporter. I could not agree more with you. I have been pro McCain from the start but the Pallen Pick was just just put him over the top top in my view. Lets hope every one else can see what this woman brings to the table

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

This blog now endorses Senator McCain for POTUS. This blog actually endorsed Senator McCain two days before he selected Governer Palin. He picked her is just the icing on the cake.
The Obots are not happy and about losing Hillary supporters and are trying to push UNITY but that is foolish for them to do so.
I have no plans to unite with the Democrats at this time.
The media and the Democratic Party used sexism against Senator Clinton we spoke up so when we see the same thing happening to Governor Palin. It makes no difference what party she is in. She must be defended. It was to late to help Senator Clinton but Governor Palin will have the protection we were unable to give Senator Clinton.
There are more then me.