Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Dear Senator Clinton:
I watched your speech at the Democratic National Convention last week and I was inspired. I was inspired in ways perhaps that you did not intend but inspired I was.
Senator Clinton I am a victim of Obama's thuggery. I am a victim of the race card gone wild. I am a victim of the Democratic National Convention throwing my vote away. I did not get a fair vote at the convention. I was robbed. The Democratic party threw my vote away because you won the majority of my state. That would be PA and you crushed that bone head Obama.
I wasn't in this race just for you but Obama will never do a damn thing to help anyone but himself. He is so much like George W. Bush that is frightening.
How can I care about Universal Health Care when the type of change Senator Obama wants is down right horrible for this Country? I prefer the Constitution to Universal Health Care.
I love and respect you very much Senator Clinton. I have said a million times that I would either be dead or in Prison if it weren't for the inspiration of you 16 years ago. It was because of this devotion that I was called "Racist" online or "Uncle Tom" in real life.
This should have been a year where I could rejoice no matter who the nominee was because I would have either a female or African American at the top of the Democratic ticket and if you won a President. Senator Obama has ruined that. He has turned off people by calling them racist. He has played the race card over and over again. He also made gender biased remarks against you and now against Sarah Palin. This cannot be rewarded in November.
I watched as your own Party stabbed you in the back and allowed you to take the sexist punches without so much as saying a word in your defense. I watched as Bill Richardson and the other sexist males in the Undemocratic Party abuse you.
I watched in horror as Obama the idiot and he deserves no respect from me. He doesn't even deserve the title Senator. It's just another election that he stole. I watched this man call your husband a good man and a good man to African Americans call Bill a racist.
I watched and experienced when Donna Brizile, the heifer, tell us to stay home and that the Democratic Party did not need older woman or the blue collar types, as well as the traditional Democrats. We were told the party would be younger and African American. I am African American but I was insulted. I gave this Party 26 years of my life and what does it do. Tells me we are not needed anymore. I am not going to stay home or cry in my beer. I am going to vote for McCain/Palin and for Down ticket Dems. I will get rid of Senator Cassey for going against his constituency by voting for Obama. I will never again vote party over candidates.
I am sorry I cannot abide by your request but I cannot vote for this man or this party anymore.
Sincerely Yours
A former Democrat in Pittsburgh PA.
PS one of the greatest moments in my life was when I got to meet you on April 2, 2008. You are a warm conciderate person and to bad the Democrats are to stupid to recognize it.

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