Friday, September 19, 2008

Spike Lee is advising women to just to dry their tears and get over it. I am sick of pigs like Spike Lee telling women what they ought to do. The next time the Country puts a racist up for election I will tell Spike Lee to just dry his eyes and get over it and vote for the Racist.
I am sick of people telling me that we need to get over it to elect our first African American never mind that he is a racist and sexist. I know that Spike Lee is a racist I am not surprised that he is a sexist too.
Note to African Americans Obama is not black he is only about 12% black and he is also a Muslim this bothers me. Why don't you do some research on the fool before you push him off on the rest of America. How dare you and the other people tell me who to vote for. I have no intention of voting for that conman. My ancestors fought long and hard for the right to vote after the White Crackers denied their vote. Now black people are trying to tell me how to vote. If I am not going to allow Whites to tell me how to vote what makes you think I am going to let a bunch of black people from Hollywood or the Nation of Islam to tell me how to vote.
The Nation of Islam is a bunch of racists and so is Obama and Spike Lee. They are Muslims so you know they have no respect for women anyway.
I am voting for McCain/Palin and in November when Obama loses I want African Americans to dry their tears and get over it. Once he loses perhaps you will understand how we feel.
I will never vote for this fraud no matter what his race is.


The Breaking Point said...

Like you, I take exception to the 'get over it' sentiment. I'm a staunch Barack Obama supporter, however, I realise that it's no one's place to tell someone else how long they should be angry about a perceived slight.

As to Obama being a Muslim, that simply isn't true. Even if it were (and again, it isn't), there's no religious test/qualification for being president of the United States.

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

I have published your comment because you used manners and wasn't disrespectful.
I do not care if Obama is a Muslim that is not the point. He is a Muslim and there is proof. His school records have him listed as a Muslim.
I do not have a perceived slight and neither do the other Hillary supporters. I am angry and that is not going to change any time soon.
I am tired of being told to get over Hillary I have gotten over it. It's not my fault that they do not like where it is that I went.
I am voting for McCain and Palin because until Barack can tell me the truth about something then he lost my vote when he lied about his entire life. He lost my vote when he played the race card on Bill Clinton.
McCain/Palin 08