Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is for the Obots since they were sexist enough to try to help us Hillary supporters through our grief. We know that Panic is setting in over at Camp Obama. The Obots are afraid that their one is going to lose to McCain even though Bush is very unpopular. They cannot understand why the One is losing to the Republicans it was supposed to be the Democratic year.
The first sign of Panic setting in is trying to fix the problems with the Candidate, which in this case is only a part of the problem. You can tell they are trying to fix the problems by doing things like replacing Biden with Hillary and other such fixes. They want the Clinton's to help them out. They hated the Clintons and tried to destroy their reputation. Now they want them to help Obama.
The second stage of panic is the blame game. They are blaming the Obama campaign, the news media, and the DNC for mistreating Hillary and her supporters. They have not taken any blame for themselves. I know some people now supporting Obama supported Hillary and they are not the ones who deserve the blame but the Obots who were horrible to Hillary and her supporters need to take the blame as well. Obama and his supporter as well as the Media and the DNC are going to have to all share the blame of Obama's loss.
The final stage of panic is acceptance. The Obots have discovered that the Hillary supporters are voting for McCain because they dislike Obama and do not trust him. They tried to discuss issues with the Hillary supporters who know longer wants to discuss the issues. They have begun to realize that it isn't racism that is causing Obama problems. It's the fact that Obama was so mean to Hillary and her supporters. They want to reach out to us but it is to late.
The Clinton's are the only winners the Democrats are likely to have because they have built a winning coalition. The Democrats are looking at all kinds of different things which have turned out to be wrong. It seems that the DNC had the real winner all the time and decided it would be a good time to hijack the party. Come November 5, 2008 the DNC will hopefully be in the hands of the Clintons and we can plan the next election and perhaps in 2012 the Democrats and the DNC will remember who the parties winners are.

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