Sunday, August 31, 2008

It seems that Sarah Palin brought in a huge one day total. It's been changed to something like 6.9 million dollars. I hope that McCain will let us know how many Hillary supporters gave him. We sent them a clue with our donation. If you want to donate money to the McCain campaign. A lot of us are using Hillary Clinton as the person who referred us. This is just one way they know that we are Hillary supporters.
His pick also energized his base. She is a conservative. It seems that the Republicans are not really sexist or racist because they seem to like conservatives no matter the race. The moderate Republicans seem to like Moderates no matter the race or gender. The Democratic Party has been lying to us for years. I no longer trust the political parties. No more voting Parties for me. I am going to vote for the candidate that panders to me the most.

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