Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This article explains that Obama is making the same mistake that both Al Gore and John Kerry made in 2000 and 2004. A very unpopular Republican President should make it a Democratic Presidential year but Obama is polling with McCain in an statistical tie. Most Democrats are 20 points ahead during this time in the polls.
John McCain is no George Bush. First of all he is not an Ultra Conservative nor is he an evangelical. He is a Maverick who is willing to reach across the line. I am sure that once the campaign goes into full swing after the conventions that McCain will began winning the polls. Once the Republican attacks began against Obama he will be toast. John McCain is not even seriously attacking Obama and out performed him in the Saddleback forum.
Obama needs to win over the Irish Catholic voter if he is going to be successful. He is going to have to win over women if he is going to be successful however Obama thinks he is entitled to these voters because they voted for Hillary more then any other candidate. This is not true as a lot of the Irish Catholic voters will vote Republican also. They are key voters and Obama better come up with more then hope and change.

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