Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Bill Clinton, the only true winner the Democrats have had since FDR, has undercut Obama in Denver telling the foreign press "If your a voter and you have candidate X and Candidate Y and Candidate X tells the Public everything they want to hear and can deliver on nothing and Candidate Y tells people half of what they want to hear and can deliver everything he said he could. Who will people chose?" He is right.
This article is pretty good but they did lie when they said Bill Clinton said that the big cry baby's being a candidate for President was a fairy tale. What he said was this "His opposition to the war from the beginning was a fairy tale. Since he was elected all of the bills he voted for regarding the war was the same as my wife's. Gimme a break." Nothing racist about that. The sissy boy knew this but like the big cry baby punk he is had to cry and moan because he doesn't have enough brains to come up with a plan of his own. He had to cry Racism. I hope he remembers that in fall when he loses by 50 states.

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