Friday, August 22, 2008

Two threatening letters were sent to two different headquarters of the John McCain headquarters in Denver and in New Hampshire. White powder was found in both of the envelopes and both were turned over to the US Secret Service.
Obama did threaten to bring guns and violence to this election I hope he and his crazy supporters did not have anything to do with this but since this blog just received another death threat from a crazed Obot I would say that it is entirely possible.
I will say this to the person or people responsible for writing the threats. I have turned it over to the Secret Service Stop Lying they are going to arrest you and lock you up. I turned your email address over to the Secret Service and you are going to jail.
I am a woman of color and I took your reference to the KKK as a fact that you are to stupid to know how to read I am black I am not a member of the KKK but you must be as only bigots of all races support Barack. Now as you threatened a former President of the United States and a former First Lady I sent it all to the Secret Service and they will be pressing charges.
The person who made this threat goes by the name of Stop Lying and he/she threatened Bill and Hillary. If this person writes this blog again I will publish their email address.

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