Thursday, August 28, 2008

This article is written by a former Hillary supporter who is now supporting McCain. She cites his inexperience and his arrogance. She was very angry that Hillary was disrespected by not being vetted. She feels that he insults Hillary and her supporters and continues to do so.
I feel the same way. I will not vote for this fraud because of all the comments he made during the primary. I am not voting Democrat this year because of all the election fraud that the DNC participated. I will only be voting for Hillary supporters until all the Obama traitors or out of office. Obama will lose in November and he will lose his Senate seat in 2010 because once those Republicans attack he's gone. That will be so sweet to this Hillary supporter for McCain. I guess now I am officially an McCain supporter at least for this year.
McCain didn't tell me to stay home or think that my vote was his. I was ticked when Obama tried to strong arm McCain about going after Hillary supporters because they were his. McCain laughed in his face and said "no they voted for Hillary." He increased his efforts.

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