Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Obama campaign is behind the smear of Sarah Palin. It is trying to say she is anti gay. It's a hate site like what the Obama campaign has pulled not only John McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton, but also PUMA. You trace it back and it ends up back to Fight The which belongs to Barack Obama. PUMA is supposed to be a Republican site which it is not. We were not Republicans and most of us will be casting our vote for a Republican for the first time this year. Yes we formed on June 4th that was because that was the day after the sham of an Primary ended. I was there. I remember.
Obama has violated more rights then any candidate I have ever seen. I believe we elect him we won't have any rights left.

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Chris in NC said...

Hi Hillarysmygirl08,

I was cruising the blogshpere and came across you on I tend to not sign up for forums, but I thought this bumper sticker would put a smile on the Hillary supporters faces (not my idea, but a good one). Hoping for Palin/Clinton in '12.

BTW, I was in Barr's camp before Palin. Not any longer.

Take care!