Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is a very good article that says that McCain's celebrity ads are working and allowing him to set the tone of the election. McCain is smacking Obama upside his big ears with these ads because he is a Political expert and Obama is just an idiot. He had to steal the election from Hillary in order to win. He has had to steal all his elections to win. You can't blame racism. He had to cheat Alice Palmer in order to defeat him. He is a lazy man who has gone on more vacations then the two older Americans running. I do not think this man should get any where close to the White House and the more I find out the more I do not think he should ever get anything near the White House. I say it's time for the voters to take our elections back. The Republicans feel the RNC did not give them a choice and The Democrats are angry over the fact that the DNC stole this election and plans on running the freud. The DNC proved that they are nothing but liars because they said the winner should be the winner of the popular vote and that would be Hillary. They lied because they stole this election. I plan to never vote for a party of crooks again until the liberals are thrown out on their asses.
I love McCain's ads because they are funny and I like anything that pisses off Obama.

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