Monday, August 11, 2008

Howard Wolfson did not drink the kool aid. He tells ABC the truth if the affair between Edwards and his campaign videographer were discovered earlier. I believe the press knew about it and decided to cover it up until it was time to use it. I believe the Obama campaign knew about the affair and made Edwards attack Hillary and take votes from Hillary. I believe that Obama most definitely blackmailed Edwards into backing him. Edwards knows Obama is an Pompous ass and would have backed Hillary but Obama and his thugs blackmailed him. Obama cannot blackmail the entire Country to vote for him. People are waking up and thanks to the DNC hijacking this election the sure fire Democratic Party victory is no longer going to happen. The DNC is going to have a loss of both the House and Senate that will shake them up. That is what happens when you P*ss off an entire party. It's time to destroy the party and rebuild or take over the party and throw the bums out.
Edwards is a dirt bag. He cheated on his wife and he lied about it. This from a man who created Bill Clinton ten years ago for doing the same thing. Bill who was guilty of oral sex verses a man who is accused of fathering a child. Hillary didn't have cancer but Elizabeth does.

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