Sunday, August 24, 2008

Senator Obama is being haunted by his opposition to the Babies Born Alive After Abortion act. He voted no on this claiming Roe vs. Wade. I am sorry but I am pro choice but I think unless the mother's life is in danger then abortions should only happen during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I do not believe in abortion in the late term unless it is to save the mother's life. I do not think abortion should be allowed to become common. I do not like infanticide. I think if the baby is born alive then medical care should be given to the baby. I don't understand why babies are allowed to die. Where is the humanity in that?


Don said...

Hillary Clinton is no longer a factor. It's Barack Obama....I think that he will mandate that babies born alive after abortion will be afforded life. I think he realizes that wasn't a good idea.

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

Don I disagree Hillary Clinton is indeed a factor. She actually just suspended her race and may actually come out of the convention the Nominee. The DNC stole delegates from her and gave them to him so his nomination is stolen anyway.
That being said I do not think Obama learned anything from this mess it is just another example of his bad lack of judgement. I don't want a President who pushes the wrong button and then says "Opps I made a mistake." I have friends that believe in blowing up the capital and I have friends who are terrible slum lords. This all points to bad judgement.
The sad thing for me is if he ends up the nominee after he insulted white folks for 8 months and continues to do so do you actually think he can win? You cannot win after insulting 78% of the population and expect these people to vote for you. It's not their racism it's his that is to blame.
I am starting to believe that the DNC ran this man before he was ready so that they can keep the power in the hands of the white man. How do you explain them allowing the two of them to run against each other? They knew that would knock them both out as far as anyone receiving enough delegates to win. They hoped she would drop out so they could steal the nomination from him claiming racism or some other bogus excuse. Now since she did not drop out they are stuck with either him or her. They know he cannot win the White House They will say it's racism when in fact they ran a race horse before he was ready and the man broke his leg. He is going to have a fifty state loss the rate that he is going. He picked the wrong VP. He really could have saved himself by picking Hillary but another moment of lack of judgement.
I am angry because not only did I lose the best Democrat in the race but now I do not think I will ever get another chance at having a black person become President because the DNC doesn't want to give the power to anyone but White men. You think I am lying watch the rest of the election.