Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is a good article on PUMA. We are insisting that Hillary gets her name put in nomination at the convention. She is being denied that right that every male gets even though she has more pledged delegates then anyone and is the highest popular vote in History.
The DNC has a choice either her name gets put into nomination and if it isn't we will blame the DNC and Obama. She gets her name put in nomination or the DNC loses the House and Senate and Obama gets sent back home. We have to punish the DNC so that they never pull this crap on Hillary again. Now they are threatening to Primary her. Well she will be running for President so she will have a Primary anyway. Now since she got threatened I feel as though we should threaten them. I say we take out five Democrats every time she gets threatened. We can go after the Obama traitors first then the Clinton traitors second. We punish any candidate who publicly speaks out for Obama by removing them from their jobs. This would shut everyone up and no one will speak up for him. I think we should get thuggish back.

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