Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This article explains Barack Obama's relationship with the black community. This man explains that Obama has not done anything for black people and doesn't plan to. He has given the black community lectures on being there for their kids.
He talks about being black but does he understand what it is like to be a poor black boy in the ghetto? No he doesn't know what that is like. Does he know what it's like to lose half of your friends to death by the time you are 25 years old? No he doesn't know that either. Does he know what it is like to see Police officers terrorize their fellow citizens and even little children are not immune? No he doesn't know that either.
Frankly besides his skin color he has nothing in common with me or anyone else in my hood. He doesn't know that if our young folks go to an integrated school the teachers do their level best to make sure they do not graduate. Does he know how it feels to watch one love one after another turn to crack cocaine and become addicted? No he doesn't know that one either.
Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soretto doesn't know much about African Americans because he did not grow up with African Americans. He was raised by White America. He has never been poor. I prefer rappers such as Snoop Dogg who does know what its like to be poor and black in America. He is pushing marriage (He is married to his wife and they have several children.) He also besides raising his own kids he is helping millions of other children in LA with his football league. He also cares about what is happening in the hood. I find more to respect about Snoop Dogg then I will ever respect about that fake Obama. His real name is Barry Soretto.

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