Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama flip flopped on the crisis in Georgia. He at first said that he thought that Russia and Georgia should work out what ever problems he had. He said some uh huh and more uhs.
His bloggers and staffers were calling McCain a war monger.
The very next day Obama is agreeing with McCain. So what does that make him? This man is not ready to be President. I really want the Democratic Party to know that as an African American woman it offends me that the Party is running this candidate knowing he is going to lose real bad. Do they not want African Americans to become President? He may make a fine President some day but not now. Delegates and Super delegates do your jobs and elect the most qualified candidate to beat John McCain. Hillary wouldn't have needed to google the right answer and she probably wouldn't have responded until she knew what she was talking about.
This is a County at war on two fronts. We have lived through 9/11 and will more likely be attacked after the next Presidential election. We need a President that is going to be ready to lead on day one. Not the next day like Obama. We need Hillary or McCain.

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