Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We are watching the death of the Democratic Party this week. I for one will not be watching anything except for Hillary's speech and that of the Big Dawg's. I do not wish to watch the death of the Political Party that I love or have worked for over 26 years.
I have watched as Howard, the screamer Dean, Michelle, I have never been proud of America before until they voted for my stupid unqualified husband, Barack, I do not really know my name, when I was conceived, how many states there are, or what religion I am; but I am ready to lead this Country, Obama, Donna, hold up I have to eat everything in the house first,Brizille, George, I am a foreigner who wants to take over America, Soros, Nancy, I have had enough plastic surgery to start my own plastic company, Pelosi, as well as the Bill, Judas, Richardson steal an election and trash the reputation of the greatest President in my lifetime and his wife. They wanted to take over the Party and Country. They stole delegates and cheated even though it was obvious that the American People did not want this loser. They selected him using the youth and African Americans to steal the caucuses.
Now they are threatening delegates and not giving anyone a floor vote. Even though the so called winner is tanking in the polls and his numbers get worse everyday. He had a one point bounce in his polls after selecting his VP. He will probably not even get a bounce after his convention because the party is not unified. He split the party. McCain is set to announce his VP on Friday a perfect time in my opinion as it will give him a bounce. He will get a much larger bounce then Obama and he will also be able to maintain it until his convention in two weeks.
Now the University of Illinois released his information on William Ayers and Obama. This should really hurt Obama and probably cause him to lose in November. He may also be arrested and put in jail in September or October leaving the Democratic Party without a Nominee. Hillary would never take the nomination and couldn't anyway. This would be justice since Obama has done this to a lot of people in the past--Alice Palmer, His Democratic rival in the Primary for the seat he now holds and Alan Keyes the Republican plus a score of others.
There are also beginning to be what looks like a body count. There are four people dead--two Obama supporters and two Hillary supporters.
The Party also has to contend with PUMA the Hillary supporters who are fed up with the corruption that went on during this Primary and are refusing to vote for Obama.
Will 2008 mean the death of the Democratic Party or will PUMA and the DLC take control of the DNC which seems to be lead by Communists. I hope so because if they do not then not only will I not vote for him but I will not vote Democrat again except for Senator Clinton.
If no floor vote is done correctly then the rest of the Hillary supporters will leave. He already lost 4 million in June and another 4 million in August when he selected Biden. He will likely lose the rest of the 18 million voters who voted for Hillary during the Primary. Remember Hillary got the core Democratic base. If he loses only 2% then he will lose. If he loses more then that he will lose in a landslide. He has only managed to get the support of 46% of the Hillary supporters. He is going to lose in the biggest landslide in History.
I am personally not sure what I am going to do yet. I will not vote liberal. I will vote Republican.

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