Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain picks Alaska Governor Sarah Pallen for his VP running mate. Sarah Pallen, 44, is the second woman in history and the first Republican woman to be named VP. In 1984 Vice President Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferrero as his running mate. They did not win they lost to President Ronald Reagan. McCain may win thanks to this pick as women who are angry or upset or disillisioned will vote for McCain with this choice.
Sarah is the only one of the four people on both tickets who has executive experience. She is also a conservative which will help McCain with that base. She is a governor and that is perfect as he is an United States Senator.
It's entirely possible for there to be a female nominee on both tickets in 2012. That would be really awesome. This site will not allow Governor Pallen to be a victim of media bias during the general election. That will not happen because women are still angry about Hillary. They will not put up with the media abusing her like they did Hillary.


blues said...

To abandon your political beliefs in order to vote a Social Conservative
into office is in my view shallow.
Sarah Palen first job will be to get rid of woman's right to choose, please don't pick a candidate for their gender.

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

First of all you do not even know what my political beliefs are. I am pro choice for the first trimester only then I am pro life unless the mother's life is in danger. Second I am pro gun which is the same as Sarah.
I am not voting for McCain because of Sarah as I have said since February that McCain is my second choice.
Obama would be horrible for women as he showed no respect for Hillary nor her supporters during the Primary. Sexism sells and I am not buying. I am sick of being told to vote with my uterus and that is what I am being told every time the Democrats and the media throw Roe Vs. Wade up in my face ignoring the fact that the Conservatives have had a majority since 2003. It's still not overturn and is unlikely to be overturned.
Second I researched what the two Senators at the top of the ticket pay their female staffers as opposed to their male staffers. McCain is the winner in this category as well. Sometimes you have to look at what they do rather then what they say. McCain pays his female staffers almost $2 more then he pays his male staffers and he hires more of them. Obama is the opposite he pays his women less and hires less of them. Obama is a sexist and that isn't going to make me vote for him. Women need to hold him accountable but they won't but this woman isn't going to buy into it. Another point Michelle needed Obama's approval before she took jobs. Can you see Cindy asking John if she could do anything. Yeah right. I am sorry but for this woman it's going to be
McCain/Palin 08

womanwatch said...

Palen wants creationism taught in schools, rejects the science of global warming, wants oil drilling in the tundra (for money for Alaska and the oil companies), opposes endangered species protection for the Polar bears, stands with McCain against the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay act, stands with a party that refuses to facilitate access to birth control while opposing abortion.SHE IS NO HILLARY CLINTON. Don't be fooled by the shallow tactic of using a woman to get your vote to defeat your rights and future.

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

I also want creationism in the schools. I do not believe in the theory of Evolution and if they can teach that in school then they can offer the other side. I am glad to see you are smart enough not to use Roe VS Wade.
She's not Hillary Clinton but she is a female. I didn't back Hillary because she is a female but I damn sure am backing Sarah because she is one. If the Obama campaign had only not played the part of sexist then I would have backed him but he did. I will also make damn sure on this blog that no woman no matter what her political affiliation is suffers the same treatment as Hillary Clinton. I have the back of all women.

Bob from Florida said...

As a convention alternate delegate pledged to Hillary, I find this whole project offensive. McCain is polar opposite to Hillary on all major issues. I stood in the meeting Hillary had with all of her delegates and listened to her urge us all to support Obama for the good of the country and for the good of women in this country. I am doing that, and to support McCain is a slap in the face of Hillary and all she has worked for. The disgustingly sexist coverage of her campaign by the media was painful to me, but it was not Obama's fault. Blast the media, right and left, but support Hillary's positions by backing Obama.

Bob from Florida

Chelsea said...

I too am a supporter of women, and as a proud female, will always support and work to protect the rights of women. I don't however believe that voting for a candidate based on principle (the fact that she is female) should outweigh the political views and actions they stand for. I truly don't know: when and where did the Obama campaign become sexist? And furthermore, isn't voting for a candidate based on her sex in fact, a sexist action in itself?!

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

I am going to say this again UNITY people. I never cast a vote for Senator Obama and why should I vote for him now because he has a D in front of his name. I am not voting for a Party I am voting for a man.
You have the nerve to blame all the sexism on the media and refuse to see the sexism in both the DNC and the Obama campaign. Hell the Democrats never defended her. Now you say Obama isn't sexist. How about the time he said "Once a month Senator Clinton gets desperate and the claws really come out." How about the fact that he played "I Got 99 Problems and a B**ch ain't one." How about after he lost the PA Primary he shot her the finger. There is example after example of gender bias throughout his campaign. I am watching the Obama campaign do it over again. I am not going to vote for him.
I have watched this man attempt to destroy this country by calling people who disagree with him either racist or "Uncle Tom"
I know the Democrats are afraid because they keep coming here to try to push their agenda. It is so funny that now they want to unite but during the Primary all we ever heard was that we were the Old Democrats and not needed anymore. Then leave us alone.
Do research on your candidate. I am not voting for Sarah because she is a woman I am voting for Sarah because I am.
Also do not assume that you know my political positions because you do not. Hillary supporters from all different backgrounds.
McCain/Palin 08

negrilrr said...

I agree with you Hillarysmygirl08 100+%......and to add to your comment anout the sexist remarks over the primary about the comment Obama made during the debate.."You are likeable enough Hillary"...I would have never, never voted for Obama from day one.. I am a Black woman from one of the battle ground states..Michigan...Dont be fooled the % of black votes for Obama that the media puts out there at 90% is inaccurate..Hell... I know a whole generation of blacks that are not voting for him...We are not that stupid and uneducated to fall for the "he is Black" so vote for the brother as the media my think...I am for who is the candiate to support my issues in the White house and that was Hillary. It did not matter that she was a women..My second choice was McCain.." experience matters". Mcain had the the "guts' to do what Obama did not do... That speaks volumes for me!!!!so McCain/Plaen 08 for me!!!!!!

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

Thank you for your comments. It was nice to actually get a comment from someone not supporting unity.
I am also African American and I refuse to vote for Obama. I have a trouble voting for hope and change but he will not tell me what he hopes to change.
I guess he feels he doesn't have to pander to black people but not all black people are voting for him.
My whole family supported Hillary during the Primaries. I wonder if they will vote for McCain some of my family will vote McCain and some will unfortunity vote for Obama. I am hoping to convince them.