Saturday, August 2, 2008

BACK TRACK BARACK ON OFF SHORE DRILLING Has a good article about Barack who backtracked again. He now says we should do some off shore drilling. This man has not won his party's nomination and is moving far to the right and that is making some of his own supporters bulking at the idea of his becoming president. He also still has of yet to unify the Democrat Party as he has failed to win Hillary supporters. There are several grassroots campaigns who refuse to vote for Barack Obama and refuse to donate to the DNC or Democrat candidates. PUMA and the Just Say No Deal coalition is determined to boycott Senator Obama in November if Hillary Clinton is not the Nominiee. We feel that the DNC stole the election because of the way Florida and Michigan were decided. We believe that Senator Clinton was forced out of the race because of sexism by the Obama campaign and the Media in which was ignored by the DNC when any hint of racism was screamed. The DNC and party leaders then engaged in a battle to force her out of the race early. The DNC and the Obama campaign will pay the price for what happened to Hillary in November. When the Democrats lose it is our fault not Hillary. We are not connected to Senator Clinton but because of her that is not her fault.

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