Thursday, August 28, 2008

This article by Geraldine Ferraro who was the first woman to be selected as VP on a Presidential ticket. It explains about the three types of Hillary women
The first ones are PUMAs and because they refuse to vote for Senator Obama period in the fall thanks to the sexism in this campaign and the silence of the Democratic Party Leadership, Obama, and Howard Dean. They also protest against the unfair treatment Senator Clinton got from her own Party. I am in this group. Nothing Hillary says can change my mind. I am not only boycotting Obama but the Democratic Party period.
The second group will vote for Obama because they are loyal Democrats who will vote for the Nominiee.
The third group are those who were holding out for Obama to ask her to be VP and felt slapped in the face when they found out Hillary wasn't even vetted. There are even delegates in this group and they may not back Obama in the fall. I know a lot of people who were in this group who have moved to group number 1 I haven't met to many who moved to group number 2. They feel as though The DNC told them they were no longer needed. This is evident by Donna Brizille's email to base telling us to stay home because they were only interested in the young, the African Americans, and the Urban votes. The last time a Presidential Candidate got only these three groups was in 1972. McGovern only won one state. I think Obama is not even going to win that. He should have spoken out like John McCain did. John McCain defended Hillary he was the only one who did. I will remember that in the fall when this African American female casts her vote for Senator McCain.

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