Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The Crisis in Georgia was the 3 am call to both McCain and Obama and McCain answered the call but Obama let the phone ring. Obama just proved to everyone that he is not ready to lead. He is so busy stealing elections that he doesn't know anything about America's friends or enemies. Russia attacked Georgia and Obama tells both Countries to stop fighting. That just showed that Obama is mentally challenged. He is either has mental health issues are he is just dumb. Either way we do not need this man any where near the Oval office.
The Democrats are all so busy trying to steal this election from Hillary that they are not paying any attention to what needs to be done. He is always yelling "racist" that no one is talking to him. Well they are going to lose. I think the only thing that will wake the idiots up is them all losing their seats. I mean it from the DNC to all the state houses. It's time to wipe out the Democratic Party and rebuild it from scratch.

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