Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama the racist black man picks Biden the racist white man in the biggest gifts to the Republican party since the DNC stole this election and nomination from Hillary.
Joe don't get to excited since the black racist didn't have enough pledged delegates to capture the nomination. I say floor fight is going to happen now.
The other half of the Hillary supporters who were hesitating to back Obama unless he picked Hillary will now be firmly in the corner of John McCain.
I have to tell you that I danced the happy dance today because I knew that Obama picked a complete and total idiot. He is also pro war. He voted for the same war that Hillary did. Well guess what Obama your going to lose this fall now I do not see him winning any state.
He picked his VP today so he can get a little bounce in the polls. This should help Hillary. He may get a little bump in the polls. They are hoping that he gets a bump for naming his VP. They are also counting on a big bounce after the convention. He ends up with the nomination and gets a three point bounce then the entire Democratic Party can worry about their jobs. I love it when people get their comeuppance.

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