Monday, August 25, 2008

This article is about the biggest loser in the Democratic Party stupid Howard, the screamer, Dean who stole this election from Hillary so he can win the white house on his watch. Guess what your a loser and your chosen one is a big loser. Now I am so angry after reading this article that I want to work hard and make sure that not only does he not elect a President but he loses the House and Senate also. He wanted to win the White House why would you steal this election from the only person who could win it. You hate women Dr. Dean that is what this is about. Well I hate little wimpy punks who's screams like a bitch in heat. Your so happy with your big fucking loser well Dr. Dean I suggest you take a look at the AOL Straw poll because that is what your frigging 50 state strategy will bring you a 50 state loss. He thinks he is going to beat the Republicans when he knows there is a whitey tape out there.
They are allowing fat ugly Michelle Obama to speak The ugly fat Hoe cannot even read. The ulgy man looking dyke. She is ugly and her man is a girly man. He has no balls. He doesn't have a brain in his head and he smokes crack. He picked these losers over a woman who would have won and her popular two term husband. Well Howard Dean you ugly freak I hope you are happy. I am never voting for your stupid Democrats again and if Hillary and Bill were smart they would go to the Republicans and crush the Obama/Biden two racists for the price of one ticket. I would love to see Obama/Biden vs McCain/Clinton.

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