Sunday, August 31, 2008

HILLARY CLINTON FORUM MENTIONED ON SEAN HANNITY RADIO. was mentioned on Sean Hannity's radio program on Friday. Sean Hannity read some posts from the thread "Sarah Palin is McCain's VP." It is the most viewed thread in that forum's history. The men and women who are on the forum were excited by Big Mac's pick for VP.
Sean Hannity dispelled the myth that the forum members were Republicans. He said he had been reading the forum since March and found us to be Democrats who were now forming into a grassroots movement dedicated to getting Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States. He is actually right it is a grassroots movement not only to get Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States but to fight the sexism that Hillary faced in the Primary.
I am very proud to be not only a member but the forum is my home on the net.
The HillaryClinton forum is a good place for Hillary supporters to discuss her and help her become POTUS.

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